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N.E.R.D – Fly or Die

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  1. this song ain't bad, it's pretty good 😀 GD have awesome taste <3 GDGD bby bby<3 N.E.R.D. iss awesome too (:

  2. Gotta be the best album ever made!!!

  3. parental advisory? b/c of what?
    maybe it's the word "fuck"… uh shit! hahaha

  4. fuck G-Dragon,
    i had this shit on CD since 2004

  5. @SenioreSpielbergo "Fuck my friend, she's a hoe" (:

  6. @shelbygirl1996 how did GD bring you here ? What relation do they have 😀 ?

  7. back in the day when i use play my playstation like crazy

  8. @TheEurAsian123 cause GD said in a article that he loved this song.

  9. I love this entire CD and when I found this video I went straight to Amazon to buy another copy…This is the only 1 Im missing from the collection…NERD for life…

  10. Wtf is a G-Dragon? this is N.E.R.D!!!! No one Ever Really Dies!!!

  11. No one knows how much I loved this album in the 7th grade. Was here way before gdragon said so

  12. Alright I've heard enough of this GDragon fellow, sumboby tell 'em to keep his claws off of NERD.

  13. @eperry26 lol how ironic it'd be the title track.

  14. ugh keep your dumbass k-pop out of this. k-pop fucking sucks

  15. G Dragon who the hell is that shit..? I came cuz my bro told me bout N.E.R.D

  16. G-Dragon is a Korean Singer… not a thing stupid.

  17. I always will find it weird to see a Asian with 2 Black Guy's in a group together.

  18. Fly or Die? But… No one Ever Really Dies..

  19. Funny how I never noticed that. Interesting… well, looks like we gotta fly then :p

  20. Chill be happy that more people came to listen to N.E.R.D instead of bitching about G-Dragon

  21. Damn, I was just about to make this exact comment, when I saw urs :/

  22. I brought myself here too BUT GD IS AMAZING KOREAN-NESS

  23. NERD AND GD ARE AMAZING LET'S STOP THIS GUYS and enjoy this song

  24. Lol, it wasn't much better. You always have to actively look for good music. It doesn't come to you.

  25. @daniibaby500 yes. It does suck ass for you. The kids who grew up on this album because some cool mutherfuckers (like me) but its not to late daniibaby500! Spread the word to ur friends about n.e.r.d….. u might save a few lives. Live long and prosper my friend. *star trak hand signal *

  26. Back when music was music. I don't recognize the garbage on the radios today. Wait, yes I do- it was the shit that we made fun of in the 90s.

  27. i hear you kid, your generations music is only gonna get worse. especially with the "in topic" of talking about demons and satan and shit.

  28. woah woah woah, wait a second! i come here for amazing N.E.R.D and hear people bad-mouthing korean music O.O dumbass just cause you dont understand it doesn't mean it's bullshit. i actually feel sad for N.E.R.D fans if they are starting to act like this …

  29. WTF does Shay do in the group? Pharell does percussion and Chad does everything else. Shay plays PS3 i guess.

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