Nature's survivors: The adaptability of wildlife | DW Documentary -

Nature’s survivors: The adaptability of wildlife | DW Documentary

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Extreme weather events are nothing new. Many creatures have had to adapt to big changes, over millions of years. But the climate crisis is putting flora and fauna under unprecedented pressure.

Some animals can sense imminent natural catastrophes and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Over the millennia, fires, flooding and storms have compelled these creatures to develop survival strategies – and in some cases, even learn to take advantage of catastrophes. There are many examples. Take, for example, the island of Puerto Rico. It’s home to ants that survive floods by forming compact rafts that can keep them afloat for weeks. And Australian flora and fauna have adapted to the annual bushfires on their continent: certain species of bird benefit from the blazes, which make their prey easier to find.

But current pace of climate change, which has been accelerating since industrialization, is very fast, giving animal species little time to adapt. The rise in sea levels and the increasing frequency of destructive hurricanes and large-scale forest fires exceed anything seen on the planet thus far. Scientists are concerned by the rapidity of change, and uncertainty of what awaits us in future. It’s impossible to predict how far creatures will be able to adapt effectively to the changes in store in the decades to come.

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  1. Handy for the Hawaiians to have a natural source of chicken around in case you don't have money to buy them at Walmart.

  2. Why DW notator is joke calling us animals

  3. Kangaroo Island didn't lose any species but 7 endangered species were severely affected…..

  4. Does anyone know what those Hawaiian hybrid chickens taste like and what their eggs are like too….?

  5. Monkeys are NOT considered "holy animals" by the Buddhists. That misunderstanding might come from confusing Buddhism with Hinduism, but also from misinterpreting the fact that all forms of life are cherished in Buddhism. Taking life, even of such a small animal as mosquito, is considered something negative and to be refrained from. So, all animals should be respected and protected. That is not to say, however, that some divine characteristic are ascribed to particular animals.

  6. Just before the Sichuan Earthquake, many animals had unusual activity. There are a lot of Youtube videos of cats reacting before Earthquakes actually hits Japan.

  7. Amazing documentary. Science recognazing, accepting and including trad knowledge from indigenous populations for the benefit of the planet.

    Just as a recommendation to the DW team: please add to the internal campaig of #NotNaturalDisaster; #Diasastersarenotnatural# disasters are cumulative social process!

  8. I live in Florida, the capital of thunder storms. I can tell a storm is coming because my puppies begin acting irritated, and they stick to me like Velcro.

  9. climate change is nature . it has been happening since the world started . it was not created by human activity .its nature and has shaped the world thruout time

  10. It is the first climate emission of human development into the Earth's atmosphere. Nature balances itself but when we start consuming natural resources the natural balance becomes unbalanced so that today people all over the earth are facing the effects of climate without directly knowing it. It is the need of the day for all countrymen to unite. This is not yours, not mine, this is the problem of the people of the whole earth. So together we can reduce the impact of climate on nature. Different regions of the world have been collecting and saving a lot of data for many years. When that collected data is transferred, or provided to people. Everyone is convinced that the earth can be made habitable. We all have a responsibility towards our motherland 'Earth'.

    We all love development and evaluation come with responsibility so that we can responsibly and peacefully develop the areas we have left for development. All of us born in this world need peace and development to move forward. Please help by addressing the comments I made.

    We all live on earth we need to do and we do it individually, what do we do by ourselves?

    We all don't think my life has any limits. When I look at the picture of the whole earth there are no lines, no boundaries. We are all born, live, and die here. I think life has no limits we need to live life to the fullest. See a connected world in the open sky without borders. There is no limit here, we make everything here ourselves, so there is no theft, here there is no limit even in the open sky, there is no limit even under the sky. I don't need to get into political issues but everyone has freedom of opinion. In my opinion, I am also free, but it does not mean that there is freedom, the world community has also started talking about borderless politics.

    When problems begin to arise in the universe, none of the problems are confined to man-made boundaries. So, when trouble starts, it affects everyone who lives between the borders. So there are many problems in the world today. Among those common problems are global water climate change, food shortages, droughts, human life, and wildlife problems in the region. Various countries, organizations, and individuals around the world are ready to reduce the risk to plants, animals, and humans from its effects.

    We are all doing the same thing for the world, for life, for peace, and for the future. It makes our life meaningful, when we think about the future, peace, and life beyond the limits of what we are, life becomes meaningful and important. A perfect life on earth is important. Losing one in nature is a great loss.

    It all means, what problems we are facing all over the world today. All these are the result of our system development. Limited resources and their high consumption have led to climate change on our planet. Today, we humans are so evolved that we can imagine a bright and beautiful peaceful future by solving these world problems. I was born in the corner of mother earth at the turn of the century. But I live for the world, for life, for peace, for a bright human future. I am a graduate student in Nepal. I am trying to control and minimize this world's biggest disaster "climate change effect". Currently, there are many problems in our world such as climate change, drought, reduction in production, lack of food, and decline in human health. To solve this problem around us we must try to balance water and air. Today we are trying to mitigate many of the conditions in our world system such as global temperature change, drought, reduction in food production, lack of availability, environmental change, deterioration in public health, etc. We are trying to reduce and control the world's biggest disaster "Climate Change Impact". In an attempt to solve these difficult situations, new solutions have come up. Let's all help to make this work successfully.

  11. just goes to show yet another example of "humans" disability of recognising itself as an animal. 1st nations people show us that we have the very same ability to recognise the signs however we decided to put ourselves outside of our very nature and put ourselves into so called civilized cultures where we not only ignore our nature but do our best to destroy it.

    I often have reflected upon this and wondered why we are so driven to believe we are in control of nature, what drove this, and all i can come to understand at the very basic principle is it is driven by fear, the need to deny death at any cost. To that end we have given ourselves over to illusions of life: cities, homes, products, filling our lives to distract, even making hospitals as a way to put death outside of ourselves.
    If we were to embrace our very nature we might have more empathy for each other and the nature we inhabit and indeed sense the incoming disasters that we are now causing globally. By denying our nature are we actually able to survive climate change if we continue to look towards controlling nature as the way to deal with it? just a question……

  12. This was excellent. Thank you. I suppose eventually humans will learn (or possibly re-learn) to perceive our planet's quickest changes.



  15. It’s the sound. Humans can’t hear it but animals can. You will find conclusive evidence through research just as I did. I thought this was general knowledge? I’ve known it since experiencing animal behaviours prior to experiencing Mt Pinatubo eruption in the 90s peaked my interest, and studied it ever since.

  16. Dogs are WONDERFUL natural event predictors
    My dogs could all tell me the weather by they're actions faster than any meteorologist could. Even the earth quake we had a few years back.

  17. Well with earthquakes and volcanoes, it's likely changes in the earths electromagnetic field. As pressure/tension builds up along fault lines, billions of tons of earth compress together. A large portion of that earth contains metals. That produces localized changes to the earth's EM fields which many animals have evolved to sense. The actual moment the fault lines slip and all of that earth/plates shift or decompress and settle isnt just released as kinetic energy tho. After really large earthquakes people have reported seeing auroras like northern lights at the poles but from the shifting of fault lines instead of cosmic waves from the sun.

    With floods, hurricanes, and extreme weather events, there are changes in atmospheric pressure, humidity, etc. that animals are able to sense, and become distressed. It's no big mystery to me that animals that have sensory perceptions that humans lack are able to sense when a dangerous event may occur and seek shelter. Seems pretty straight forward to me, humans just need to become better at measuring and monitoring our environment and interpreting data in order to better foresee when a dangerous event is approaching. Self preservation is one of the strongest instincts in the animal kingdom, one we may do well to observe in other species and try to learn and take cues from in order to better preserve our own lives.

  18. Nightingale herd is my friend they do i walk out what is this please germans help

  19. "Western Scientists…" so scientists from Middle East, the Far East, Africa and South America have done nothing to contribute to studying adaptations in biology. I had no idea.

  20. What Claim-it Change ?? ….. Nothing has Changed in 50 Years ! … It's all a Fraud !


  22. interesting…at the very beginning of the video, they talk about how some animals can sense disasters before they come and get out of the way. I would love to know if anyone has any research data/papers that ask what the correlation between the animals that can do this is. like are they all magnetic monitors or do some of them use other methods?

    i know there are a lot of animals that are sensitive to the magnetosphere and we have little understanding of how they do this and where that evolution came from. but I find it interesting birds seem to be a large part of that and since they are dinosaurs…i wonder if it's just an evolutionary trait that takes a long time? or maybe because they were alive through multiple iterations of the magnetics of the earth changing they've become more sensitive to those changes?

  23. Only seen 8min but, probably something simple as their hooves, picking up frequency

  24. The Earth will NEVER try to Kill it's Self , but, Humans' are Definitely trying to Kill the Earth. Eventually She'll get rid of us, to protect Herself

  25. Excellent. When we humans make the planet completely unlivable for us, Nature in new forms will continue to thrive and find new balances.

  26. ahhh they don't wear shoes… the nerve endings in the feet and legs are like eyes, mankind has been covering the feet so they are blind to the vibrations

  27. We need to be in better harmony with all life,on land air and sea.We have so much to learn.

  28. I wish I can feel the energy of the earth.. I would have an extra sense or stronger sense. I love our planet. ❤❤❤ it’s our home.

  29. We have recently come out of a mini ice age so why would you not expect world temperatures to rise. The rise is about 1.5 degrees on average. Don't believe the lies, that humans are the biggest cause of so called climate change. This is being used by the World Economic Forum to push their evil agenda.

  30. Thank you very much for this beautiful documentary. It's very interesting and very sad that humans have driven the need for other forms of life to adapt. Ty

  31. I have always had questions about dinosaurs and large sea creatures and their extinction I have to presume that when the dinosaurs did perish 65 million years ago sharks and the like did not perish …. we still have them, so sea creatures were exempt from the extinction so where did the sea dinosaurs go? Why have they vanished when sharks didn't ?

  32. For us in the Fijian Islands. We begin to prepare when we see bee hives close to ground level which means cyclone is heading our way and when we see birds coming inland from seaward side then we determine the direction of the cyclone and storm is near. Bees help us predict future cyclones normally 2 to 3 months prior giving us time to prepare and birds tell us to go to hide outs. That's why many of us survived the second strongest cyclone in history.

  33. God controls the climate. Get over it. Amen

  34. How are 10 meter waves and strong winds on the surface affecting fish underwater?
    How does atmospheric pressure affects underwater environment? I realize it can affect sea life near shore, but I expect that to take time to reflect on other animals in the ocean in the middle of nowhere…

  35. I wonder if California has given this approach any thought. In Ca. they do allow some fires to take their natural course but, I've never heard any mention of birds being considered as culprits to cause their spread.
    Good documentary.

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