NaVi vs Vitality / G2 vs 9INE - HIGHLIGHTS - Gamers8 2023 | CSGO -

NaVi vs Vitality / G2 vs 9INE – HIGHLIGHTS – Gamers8 2023 | CSGO

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NaVi vs Vitality / G2 vs 9INE – HIGHLIGHTS – Gamers8 2023 | CSGO

00:00 – 20:22 NaVi vs Vitality
20:22 – 49:52 G2 vs 9INE
49:52 – 01:09:31 FaZe vs


  1. Aleksib 3 T side gun rounds the entire Match 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Watching FlameZ perform with such an ease is so delighting. Vitality found the perfect foundation to highlight his talent and I love it.

  3. Rumour: Navi to sign NIP Impact to stay competitive

  4. and zywoo was not even performing….i dont know whats happening to him but he is not as good as he used to be. if he had a good day as well they would have ran over NaVi like in the first map.

  5. I dont see Navi coming back anytime soon , only S1mple and b1t are top players and they arent in a good form , the other 3 arent good enough , at this point we can say the war killed this team since they removed every russian thing from the team , also their lenguage is a handicap for sign players .

  6. Lmao s1mple so bad and toxic behave as usual. Elec and perfecto cant carry him anymore

  7. 16:2 LMFAO s0mple malding all the fucking time nice goat why the heck they picked aleksib no way they can beat big teams lfmao and zywok was sleeping so funny

  8. Disappointed with iM, maybe he needs a little more time? Idk

  9. S1mple is just another tenz. Mechanically godly, worst team player you could ever get. Win one trophy, get ahead of yourself, fall into thr rabbit hole.

  10. Виталити были тупо лучше, но повторюсь IM на мой взгляд глуховат временами.
    9INE не то чтобы стреляли лучше но им часто просто везло, очень много раундов на всех картах они брали удачей.
    Игра VP это просто боль и разочарование….

  11. I feel like S1mple fell off after all the pressure people put on him 😅

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