NBC drive into Cerberus Bunker & Fly drone down to check it out | GTA NoPixel 3.0 - bouncylandapp.com

NBC drive into Cerberus Bunker & Fly drone down to check it out | GTA NoPixel 3.0

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  1. People in the comments typing "CB fans crying" are more than actual CB fans in this video 😂

  2. There are 5x more comments of people saying CB fanboys crying, than there are of anyone crying😂😂😂😂 CB has nothing to do with this either, this is a Cerberus thing. And cb is also dead 🙃

  3. NBC are so unlucky they always doing shit they not supposed and it’s always by accident

  4. people are clowns for saying this is ban worthy when they have access to it

  5. Damn cb fan boys still not over paying nbc that 500k huh

  6. Probably just a retcon of everything they saw, but im not gonna lie the PD and everyone in the city has shown the entrance is very vulnerable. Even the gate needs a rework.

  7. CB fans crying so much rn lmfao chill out ur streamer will survive

  8. Cringe Boy fans punching air right now

  9. I feel like ppl take things out of proportion

  10. HAHA all the CB haters entering the chat. What does this show? Everyone knows Cerberus is going to manufacture guns. Now NBC knows where it is. Big deal

  11. All the CB stans are beyond pissed…its funny as hell. 😂😂😂😂

  12. 24hr ban deserved… sorry… they know better! Probably scuffing out because UR NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!

  13. tbh If the devs keep the build that is down there that is a nuke silo in GTA online that is used to "Launch" a nuke but it never gets launched bc u stop it in GTA online

  14. I like how this has nothing to do with CB yet these fanboys keep inserting them in everything

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