New Puzzle Master And Dark Matter Skins Update ( -

New Puzzle Master And Dark Matter Skins Update (

Blue Sky
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This is a ( Game Play Video… Enjoy
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  1. What server are you playing on?nice video🙂

  2. love ur vids!
    almost watched ur vids for 1 year🎉

  3. Day 2 of asking Sky to make a video showing off his account entirely please?

  4. You are now the earth 🌎(basically it means you are better) thank you for supporting me I forgot to make vid but will happen at 3 pm pst I’ve been watching your vids for almost 3 years but 2 years and 11 months September 19 is the day I started watching you you’ve been my whole life on youtube and I told my friends about you now they started playing the game and they are subbed that’s great see you at 4:30pm pst because it takes me an hour to get good levels

  5. úristenem …. én is találkoztam már veled blue sky
    nagyon jó vagy

  6. ღωσℓƒ αη∂ ναмριяєღ says:

    I saw you in the game haha

  7. Sky has level 37✌
    Also I who have level 14🗿
    Who thinks that Sky is well done, here👇

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