NEW UPDATE | Battle Arena, New Enemies & Much More | -

NEW UPDATE | Battle Arena, New Enemies & Much More |

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What’s new?
– Added Battle (PvP) Arena
– New enemies: Evil Bat & Turtle
– New skins: Nebula Warrior, Demon of Horns
– New sprites
– Added igloo – new hiding space
– From now boss gives 5 gems instead of 1 gem to the killer (last hit)
– Few map changes

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EvoWorld (FlyOrDie) is a multiplayer .io game where you must evolve to survive. The strongest creature is a Grim Reaper and can be only killed by another reapers.

The gameplay was recorded on Friday the 13th October 2023 on Europe 1 server.
Music used in video:
Track: Syn Cole – Reflect [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:
00:00 — New sprites
00:14 — New enemies
00:38 — Igloo
00:52 — Map changes
01:15 — Battle (PvP) arena
02:18 — New skins
02:45 — Boss fight
02:56 — Bonus code
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  1. Didn't actually expect for there to be a new giant spider spawn, BECAUSE THATS TOO MUCH GIANT SPIDER SPAWNS BRONOW WE HAVE 4


  3. привет ты меня изнал

  4. Hello can i ask you smt,How can i evolve into a swamp monster i am having troubleNice video btw❤

  5. мы играли ешё в месте тимились помниш я просто ник поменял а так я в игре был M A G A _ K A N A L а сейчас (MG)M A G A _ K A N A L

  6. W❤W! That’s Incredibly Awesome! Cheers!🥂❤️✨

  7. Please give me the skin mod code

    Because it took too long

  9. Thanks for showing everything! I didn't know about that underground update since I didn't go there 😁

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