NEW WINNERS! Dragonflight Melee Tier List (Revisited) -

NEW WINNERS! Dragonflight Melee Tier List (Revisited)

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TLF is back with a new Dragonflight melee tier list because since the first one, we had multiple updates on almost all the melee dps! Due to these, you can expect a lot of changes on our dragonflight tier list with new winners and, unfortunately, a couple of losers. Do keep in mind, that this is a dragonflight beta tier list based 100% on the talents, it has nothing to do with damage numbers, performance or anything like that, we are ranking these specs based on how good their talents are so, if you enjoyed this episode of Tier List Fridays, drop a like and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. As a warrior, druid and DK main this is looking pretty good!

  2. I know they still have to tune classes but seeing the "new and exciting" feral spec barely above the healer on dmg meters feels bad 🙁

  3. Great video guys as allways.

    My main ist currently Arms warrior I do my dps with it even if it’s not meta in Shadowlands , it’s not what is best because of a Tier list. It’s what you make out of it. I leveling pa Paladin right now since my main has its gear . And you can achieve even with the low ranked class in the tier list great things . Sure it will be harder to get into groups because a lot people look after meta classes , but who cares play what makes fun . Tier list shows you what is great but not what fits you as player best. 🙂

    If your not myth raider play what you like I allways say.

  4. bruh ret has been fucked for so many expansions fuck this not plaing dragonflight

  5. Another major issue with Paladin as a whole is the sound design. Idk who the hell they have working on Paladin, but all the iconic abilities have over the years lost their iconic sounds and it has not been for the better. Exorcism being added back and then having a sound like it always has, to suddenly changing the sound to be absolute trash is just an insult to the class and those that play it. Same thing happened in Shadowlands with Holy Light, now even Hammer of Wrath sounds like trash. Aside from all the problems the spec has, the sound is also so important for just the general feel of the class.

  6. if ret stays like this ill just swap to enhancement. the fuck is wrong with paly dev?

  7. Arms/Enhancement is my main choice but man Feral could be dope too!

  8. i pray every day for a time where rogue players will be free of outlaw spec. what a hellish experience

  9. We need the Pally retri back we had in wotlk / when they had many auras that actually did something and were used in various situations and when pallys had 3 different judgment… throw the Holy power system and let us be free…

  10. My first and only real question, seeing this up, was "Did they fix ret pally?" Which, obviously, the answer is no. I have quite a few alts and was glad to see how well my alts would do but ret pally has been my main for a good chunk of SL. Yes, I know it hasn't been in a good place but I like it. Now I'm a little unhappy because they still have it screwed up.

  11. love your vids =) im looking for my main alt between warrior rogue and dk this hassent got it eyser to choose well donee keep the awsome content coming <3 =)

  12. Spot on with the ret paladin commentary. The amount of feedback given on the forums to change the spec for the better and all of it was ignored and where did it get them? To D tier. The paladin dev probably doesn't even play ret, he does whatever he wants with it and he made a mess.
    The class tree is a mess since it's choked by throughput talents, the mobility is nerfed versus live… like really? Everything is on the gcd as always, defensives and mobility shouldn't be on the gcd, most classes have them off the gcd. Couldn't even get excited for knowing the release date for DF this week… it's like, will i even play this mess? Probably not.

  13. As always pretty useless information sadly :(..
    If everything is good.. nothing is good.. I dislike that you don't differentiate more between classes, no hot takes, no real opinions.. you don't let me know which class/speck excels in different things which you define as fun.. very opaque criteria you have for your rankings..

  14. I hope ret won't be bad in DF. It's my main and I will say a big FU to Blizz if ret is still bad and I hope whoever is in charge with ret pally will get fired.

  15. imagine putting everything on top and d on ret

  16. Warriors should get lust(which would make sense since we have roars) if the damage is balanced. I think if not ppl will bring us less.

  17. Great analysis but turn R2-D2 around the right way 🙂

  18. Every day we stray further from god, thx blizzard to show how true that quote is…

  19. as an Unholy DK i'm looking forward to this expansion.

  20. I thought the new tiers were really lazy. "Oh, here's some crit" or "some damage". Yay I guess?

  21. Canceled recurring 6 month sub 4 months ago(2 months left subed). As a current Ret/prot paladin main…I'm desperate for a reason to log in. Might try Frost mage in dragonflight for pvp.. 😔

  22. Question for the group: Has there been any talk from Blizzard about unlocking the Allied races for everyone?

  23. Really appreciate this video!

    What are you guys planning on maining in Dragon Flight?

  24. Long live survival hunters and other once dead specs 💔😔

  25. It makes me sad. Been playing paladin on beta, but I am having trouble trying to build a good spec with the janky tree. I very well may be relegated to playing warrior because blizzard seems to be hitting all cylinders on that class. Paladins however feel like a misfire.

  26. I would swap frost dk, monk and dh to s instead of fury, enha

  27. Looks like this is goin to be Warriors expansion 🙂

  28. But Ret were literally the highest Melee DPS in the tests so far.

  29. "feral is so good now, everythings been fixed!" the video they show of feral it is doing no damage and is even below the tank.

  30. Assassination should be C Tier and Survival B Tier

  31. Wait wondealjer doesn't get cool stuff? Double cast touch of death every minute that hits 5 targets!!

  32. im happy with my favorite specs (arms, assasination and enhancement) except ret… ret has been terrible in every aspect of the game for a long time now. its so sad t hear prot and holy pala are not doing great in df either


  34. the Quick shot talent does a fair amount of damage. you never swap to a bow or anything. it ends up with arcane shot giving you like 5% of your overall while just playing that one talent.

  35. Ww if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Imo the closest thing to a perfect spec already.

  36. So nice to see this many specs so high up in the list. Good sign!

  37. Hahahahah multiple builds. Blizzard loves the meta and once it goes live there will be a build for raid and a build for m+ just as it is now.

  38. so excited for feral , always my favorite

  39. The four of the five classes I want to play make up S and most of A…. So fucking excited! Haha

  40. I feel like putting so much in S or A kind of defeats the purpose of the rankings. S would typically be an outlier for something that's overpowered, while A would be better than average, and B would be average. With the majority of classes in S or A, it feels like A just becomes the new B, while S loses its meaning.

  41. I was like… not gonna play warrior…. guess what you just made me do…damn you guys 😛 …..just kidding guys, love your content as always !

  42. Its undead finally viable as warrior (specially in PVP) ?? Since they dont need to waste points on berserker rage/shout (the last one specially for small party battles)

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