Nokia Lumia 1520 | Fly or Die -

Nokia Lumia 1520 | Fly or Die

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On another holiday edition of “Fly or Die”, the newest craze seems to be the “phablet” – a fusion of smartphone and tablet and the Nokia Lumia 1520 most certainly fits the bill. With a 6-inch 1080p screen this Windows phone certainly caters to the media consumption crowd. With a 20 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens onboard as well, will it be enough to be a hot holiday item?

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  1. I'm glad they didn't have those apple fan boys up there this time they would fly every apple product and die everything else

  2. the dude on the right looks like he just woke up, or is this the way you always talk ?
    either way, you made this the most dull video ever

  3. The dude on the right makes The Grinch sound like a saint. Holy crap. He's so disgruntled like heck.

  4. Dude on the right who shall not be named sounds like a fucking idiot. He's a tech reporter? Seriously? TC should be ashamed to have this guy pretend to review devices. Oh wait. He hasn't even USED IT!

    So this explains why people say TC has gone down hill. Asses like that who aren't even product testers and completely biased who can't even give an actual cause of effect let alone a valid response negative or positive.

    Also, don't like the geometry? The tiles? Better toss your IOS7 devices away and some Android as they've stolen from WP & the design.

  5. The guy on the right should have stayed in bed. Zzzzzzz

  6. Who is that guy in the right? What a shitty review. Whaste of time!

  7. Dude on the right seems like he hates Windows Phone with a passion

  8. Another review with the bearded guy and I'm out…can't take that, he can't even pronounce the words properly

  9. Wow, that guy on the right is the worst possible reviewer ever.
    If you don't like a product just give valid reasons of why.
    The size? Fine i can give you that.
    Camera is ok, you kidding me, it's one of the best, not THE best but still up there.
    The headphone jack in the middle puts you off, wtf.

    Praise the things you like and tell the stuff you don't like and let people make the decision based on the pro's and con's.
    That is what a good reviewer is about.

  10. The guy on the right needs to be banned from future reports.

  11. What a shitty, un-professional and sorely lacking review.

  12. THE GUY ON THE RIGHT should be BANNED form Future Reports! seriously, Wtf?!?!

  13. WELCOME TO THE WORLDS WORST SHITTEST REVIEW. WOW, dismissed everything about this product

  14. seriously FIRE THAT fucking IDIOT on the right!

  15. Guy on the right is a douche bag at least speak about the product you're there to review it right, say what you like or don't like.

  16. yeah, you know, I am an iSheep… yeah its not as boring as ishit therefore i am bored. I am a snub and a snout… oh i am bored. Seriously? this kid reminds me of that bitch from CNET who lost her job for acting basically like a bitch… I am bored of this. never gonna watch anything from this guy.

  17. The first time I've seen this show. What's wrong with Darrel. He talks like he's ill. I'm not sure what to make of this show. It's hard to make a clear decision if the 1520 is fly or die, because the presentation to me seems off.

  18. why is the girl on the right moaning? speak like a man goddammit! the lights on the capacitive buttons.. seriously??

  19. For the love of a God in which I don't believe in… please don't ever let that guy on the right do any kind of review of anything, don't let him do anything front of a cam. Give him some antidepressants and release him in a hippie camp

  20. what's the problem, if the headphone jack is on the top of the middle………..its a stupid reason.

  21. This fly or die is on par with molly wood's road test of the 1020. While Chris is the more informed reviewer Darrell is very cynical, uninformed, obviously hasn't spent any time with the device and only chimes in with snide and snobbish comments as if his word is the absolute truth. Saying that in the 5 mins spent looking at the home screen he found it boring even as it updated information in front of him a la the pic just shows his bias. Compare that to the competing OSes that rely on static icons (save for android widgets) I would find that to be boring faster than live tile. I'm not a subscriber to this channel and wont be as of seeing this video, maybe after Mr. Hipster either informs himself before reviewing a device or removes himself from future videos altogether. This review should DIE

  22. the guy in the right is like the boss of all phones. pakyu dude..

  23. i love to knock him out ryt now the guy in the ryt..

  24. the idiot on the right is a douche bag, just clicked unsubscribe because of that troll

  25. how the fuck did the idiot on the right get that job, he sucks so badly… if you are going to review something and bash it, at least give valid reasons…

  26. Haha ! That's another iSheep fanboy. A boring iSheep produce a boring person like that guy with that beard !

  27. How the guy on the right is even remotely associated with reviewing devices is completely beyond my comprehension 

  28. lol this video is a fail, the guy with the beard sounds like a sheep, honestly why would you bring this guy to do a phone review?

  29. The guy on right has no idea what he is doing. Dumb.

  30. Wow the guy with the beard is straight hating. Granted you don't like the phone but sheesh you sound petty

  31. What a joke, not bored with ios and Android I bet. He picked the stupidest things to talk about. Unsubscribing!!

  32. Everyone loves this phone except this stupid guy with glasses.

  33. The first time I've seen or heard of Fly or Die.

    The guy with the Santa shirt. Wow. Either he just wolk up, is high, or just doesn't care to speak in a clear manner to the camera. If you aren't interested in putting any effort into what you saying…why would anyone want to listen.

    "I'm so bored with it……distracting etc"   You go make something better Rocket Scientist. Goof.

  34. Can you redo the video without the stupid santa sweeter?

  35. wow.. I always had the impression the writers at Techcrunch were just a bunch of know-nothing hipsters… now I know for sure.

  36. What an asshole the guy on the right.This phone is fucking awesome ,nothing wrong with this phone whatsoever,Its big o.k but definately manageable and I don't have gigantic hands .One of the best phones on the market at the moment.The douche bag on the right is without doubt an i crap phone piece of shit fanboy .

  37. This guy on the right is really annoying…. Just listening to him whine about the phone makes me instantly want to punch him in his whiney, prissy face…
    Usually guys like him love things bigger…lol..

  38. the guy really needs to go save money on cloning cause aint no pussy got time for his negativity.

  39. a good strong  punch on his face will do on santa t shirt guy will finish the review….

  40. He doesn't like the phone who gives a fuck

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