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Nvidia Shield | Fly or Die

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In this episode of Fly or Die, Chris Velazco and Darrell Etherington fill-in with their take on the portable Android device the Nvidia Shield. The Shield is a top-notch piece of kit, with hearty spec sheet, one of the best screens we’ve seen on a mobile device, and a level of fit and finish that puts most standalone Bluetooth controllers for smartphones to shame. Is it merely an over-expensive toy or is it a worthy all-in-one? For more episodes, click here:

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  1. I have to agree with Darell, I love this thing too! The power behind it along with the specs are great, but for me there is something intangible in my attraction to it. It's new, unusual, using it is fun and I can use it for a variety of things. I have no problem with the price.

  2. Since you have the shield can you tell me if the resolution is good? I will game on it but a lot of what i do on handhelds is watch youtube. Does youtube look and run good on it? Thanks in advance.

  3. Just got it at gamestop haven't used it much yet, but it seems good. I need to use it more to make a decision.

  4. I think its worth the money, since it has hardware that compete with brand new phones that cost 500-600 dollars, as for the games you can play on it, I don't understand the bashing on Android, once I get bored with the nvidia store, and what is on the play store, I'm sure it would've paid for itself, and I can move on. Devices nowadays are only made with a life expectancy of a year of so anyway, after that, u sell it to someone who wants it for cheaper, got the next one 🙂 which will be updated.

  5. my brother has it and i love it! just went on a camping trip and it was put to the test! 9 hrs of battery life or like 6 hrs gaming! plus i thought it felt better then any controller i have ever used. so comfortable in the hands. main points: battery, controller, screen, power, android, oh and really really good sound. if your thinking about it do what my brother did, sell your old handheld and get this! i would but i like my ipod touch and pc gaming…

  6. My brother is the one who commented below. I sold my ds a few years ago because I got sick of the shitty game selection. Then after a year of no handhelds (which are my favorite.) I got the vita. I had the vita for a year. I liked it. But the games weren't so great. So. I sold it for the shield. And I am in love with it. I get 8-9hours consistently playing games and doing everything on it.

    I love the controller. The price I think is absolutely acceptable.

  7. Watch as you sell it again, since there is nothing you get on the Shield that you also can't get on other phones for a smaller or same price.

    You can't say the same to Vita though, since its ports of console games and since the Vita is portable and a PS3, well ISN'T, it's perfectly fine for it since you can play those games on the go only on Vita. Shield can't, since phones can do the same thing and are more portable. Shield is nothing but a phone with a MOGA controller glued to it.

  8. I've been using the shield for 2 weeks straight now. And I am addicted to it. I owned a nintendo DS for 2 years. And only played pokemon and yugioh. Well. you can't play the same games for 5 years straight. so that had to go.

    I had a ps vita for over a year. I used it 75% for youtube/netflix and 25% for gaming (no games appealed to me for the most part)

    The shield I am using for pretty much 90% gaming and watching netlfix on my computer while I play it. Fucking beast of a hand held.

  9. If you hate cell phones like I do. Then this hand held is perfect you. I also don't like touch screen. So it's nice to actually have some buttons once again on a portable device and a market of fun and cheap games.

  10. Of course. I thought the resolution on the PlayStation Vita was really good.
    Resolution for these small hand helds isn't all that important. It is the pixel density or PPI.

    And the shield has a PPI of 294 along with an IPS screen.

    The ipod touch 5g has a resolution of 640p but a PPI of 326 and looks better. Because it is all about jamming the pixel density not the resolution.

    In short. Yes. The shields screen is very good. 720p combined with a very high PPI.

  11. Okay thank you, so i guess i'll go order my shield.

  12. It meets my needs perfectly. I have a PC, an old android 2.1 phone. And an ipod classic.
    So for me. It was perfect.

    I always buy cheap phones because I break my phones and abuse them. Also I hate phones.
    Ipod classic because I have 145GB of music.
    So for me. The shield is perfect. Cheap games, great graphics, OUTSTANDING battery life, youtube/netflix for when I am in bed. I use it A LOT.

  13. cant wait till grid comes out then everyones gonna want a sheild

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