Ohio Mother Charged After 2 Infants Die of Co-sleeping in a Year - bouncylandapp.com

Ohio Mother Charged After 2 Infants Die of Co-sleeping in a Year

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  1. As always Thank you for Advocateing for our Children ❤️


  3. BOTH of my son's slept with me until they reached 11 month although they had beds.i was 17 & 19 and they both survived. Age or finance is not the issue. It's mental illness.
    She is callous and unloving. It's a sickness.

  4. 🦟🦟 LMAO the grand prize 🏆 at @ 23:33 is a economical size can of Raid 🦟🦟

  5. I have a bassinet just in case I have company and a baby is with and I'm not a grandparent

  6. No farmers use them in the the main house as well

  7. They say when a female has a nasty house her vagina is also nasty and filthy

  8. Alot of people use their inside and not outside

  9. Hear of mop bucket and water and soaps and scrub brush

  10. No matter how bad they say that apt was she was jus NOT cleaning point blank! I co slept with both my kids they were far enough away I cldnt roll on them this was on purpose she wanted benefits some women enjoy being pregnant but want boo to do with raising their child!

  11. Most Mothers develop a sense of light sleeping once they give birth because their trying to hear the baby’s every move. I slept with mine because I just loved them and didn’t want them to sleep in their room until I was ready. Now rolling over your baby once is a accident. I would’ve kept the baby in my bed if I had to sleep on the floor afraid I might roll over again and hurt my child. To do it twice in one year is not an accident. I just don’t believe it was a accident. It’s no way she didn’t learn from the first time

  12. this is not right..i slept with all my babies and i had 4..if my baby even breathed loudly or made any noise id wake right up…how do u fall asleep and suffocate not 1 but 2 babies?? my children are all grown now and are amazing humans if i do say so myself…this aint right

  13. just also would like to say i think u are amazing and tell it like it is…real recognize real….

  14. As a cleaner i can say the "piss" on the ceiling is from smoking in the house.

  15. It really is a shame that so many black men are out here making all of these single mothers. Blackmen really need to start to take accountability and use protection when they do not want to be a father. The woman should not have slept in the bed with her baby but; the father should also have been in the picture to make sure that his baby was safe at all times. He should have bought the baby a crib or a bassinet. Black man really needs to step up!

  16. This is absolute the worst of the worst gutter trash absolute lowest of the low disgusting embarrassing just disgusting human being.

  17. Okay your descriptions are freaking hilarious of both of these women

  18. I co slept, however if ANYTHING were to happen to my child I'd not repeat it. How can she do the very same thing a 2nd time

  19. I have 3 children the area where I live is surrounded by trees wish attracted different insects everywhere I am not the cleanest person on this earth flys not in my house even my almost adults children are scared of flies. if you can't care for children have please

  20. How she wears her hair or the clothes she wears has nothing to do with the death of the baby. The fact that the mom had already been warned about the possible dangers of co-sleeping is the important fact. Was that mother and her baby sleeping at their own home?

  21. She had to have been under the influence of something. I have literally fallen asleep while breastfeeding and that motherly instinct just wakes me up. My bedroom is on the other side of the house and I can hear one of my children having a night terror or coughing while sleeping. Idk, that motherly instinct should've kicked in at some point and after the first fatality why'd she cosleep with the 2nd infant? Smh

  22. Nah, something is sketchy about these stories. Idc how tired you are, miss me with the bs.
    This is gonna be like the stories of parents “forgetting” their kids in cars, it’ll keep happening until they don’t just get a smack on the wrist.

  23. Cosmetics Beauty and Maturity With Evelyn says:

    First off anyone with any sense would KNOW its NOT safe and very dangerously fatal to sleep with a new born!! Social Services should have been CHECKING up on that infant! What is wrong with that mindless thoughless careless IDIOT?! SMH

  24. What's more disturbing is they over turned Roe vs Wade. So there will be more stories like this 😪

  25. It's crazy how conflicting the systems are the doctor's encourage co-sleeping.

  26. My folks were young and in heat.. I was a mistake ( notated many times in my life) . When I was brought home I was put in a dresser drawer. I have no draw backs from it. ( with acceptation of feeling somewhat comfortable inside wooden places 🙄)
    Sir, I do not know you, probably will never see you in my life other than YouTube.. but if your child tells you that they are proud of you .. You are doing better than alright as a parent.. You’ve hit pro status Dad!

  27. No.. fly traps are wherever there are flies.. when growing up we lived in the country and when they would spray the fields ( stunk to high heavens) the entire neighborhood would be infested with flies . We put them close to the door where you aren’t going to hit them with your head. The yellow stains on the ceiling means there is a water leak .. either upstairs unit has a leak or the roof has a leak.

  28. I don’t know their protocols in Ohio but I just had a son a year and a half ago in Westminster MD and for the two whole days in the hospital they kept on reminding me of my ABC’s till it got freaking annoying which stood for: alone, back, crib ( or bassinet) But I think in this but ABC sounds better. And you don’t have to have money to have so many people that have extra of these items I am constantly giving my son stuff away or trying to even.

    Also I don’t know if they do this in Cincinnati Ohio. but here in MD they actually make you bring your car seat in (And do tests to make sure they’re safe and they also follow you out to the car and make sure it is properly installed.

    Point of bringing up the car seat is they are expensive if you can’t afford a car seat you can afford to go on Facebook marketplace or some other site or as I saw another comment mention you can get them from places for free

  29. She have a fly sticker next to the shower curtain. when you get in the shower.

  30. Crazy I have 5 1/2 kids (due next month) and they all slept in the bed with me I felt it was the safest place I didn’t trust them sleeping in bassinets away from me SIDS scares me so they slept in my arms. Not once have I rolled on my babies. When I feel myself needing to move I wake fully up adjust my baby then snuggle back up with them. And I’m back sleep it’s a mothers instinct to be aware of their child. Idk what was going on with her but I don’t sleep hard or deep and I’m always attentive and alert for my baby a simple cry for feeding time and I’m up. My baby wiggles and I’m up. This is crazy as hell..

  31. I really think the issue is some type of substance she was using. Mothers naturally do not suffocate their kids, so I wonder if she was altered. Alkies and addicts also don’t learn from their mistakes no matter how serious.

  32. That woman is just plain stupid, lazy & selfish. There are discount stores that sell very discounted basenettes & baby basket that can be on the bed & is safe so that idiot people like her don't roll over on their babies. My heart breaks for those two innocent babies 😢😞

  33. How Awefull this is , maybe she is mentally ill?? It's just so sad she apparently didn't learn her lesson the first time ?, OR maybe she just doesn't care ??

  34. African American people claim whites are trying to steal their culture and style when a white girl wears an affro , But it's ok for African American girls can wear blond hair or straight hair ?? It's just HYPOCRIDICAL but that's a different conversation ?.

  35. I would take a baby if nobody wants there baby

  36. Someone keeping the door open to much flies coming in

  37. A fly trap should be located near a trash can about the trash can or any of those part of the house where there are flies I could seep in

  38. Child doesn’t look happy here, usually they don’t look scared that young. How about siome not get pregnant pills time or something?
    I’d say first degree murder times two.
    That is a wig, surely?
    Not getting any men, freeing Uself, again? I have two sons, sleeping in my, our bed with the both of them.
    They felt safe and loved as did we.
    This gets worse and worse.
    U cannot kill Ur child from day one, if U are a Mother and not a selfish horrible stupid, yeah, U can put the baby in a big cardboard box, good bedding needed.
    All healthy people make house before the child comes.
    She doesn’t look like a Olympics contender to me exactly…Xanax times 10-20?!
    Life, no mote kids, thank U..
    That kid can’t be in daycare, he’s fresh here, just born….poor angel.
    So sad, Russian aggravated war because “They are Nazis” it’s like Im in the Twilight zone here….really!? I saw interviews with Russian young men saying they wanna LIVE for their country, not die for it…
    Clever men, what if we could ALL just be and b allowed to be proud! From where we come, I am Native Norwegian and Sweden had the first racebiologist.
    My great grandfather, scumbag by the way, molested my Mother as a little child, for years. She ran to Denmark at 14, looking like 21… she never ever hurt a soul by the way, too so…
    My great grandfather had his skull measured. Now, if U didn’t have shame, surely U got it handed on a plate to U.
    Autrocities, that side is all Native, the other, Norwegian.
    I sure accept and enjoy learning and appreciate cultures, travelled the world, which, if U make good money, I guess, thats how U cure the disease of racism, read books cures ignoranc and so on and so forth.
    My vision is extremely bad because Im allergic to trees and greeneries outside and have no allergypilos, horrible, getting some, finally got what it was.
    Anyway, U get a sick child, be ready for kolik, fi, screaming every night for 9 mos to a year. Yeah, U need to educate Uself, lets get dinner! And a child! Sounds great untill a year later U havent slpt in three months and looking forward to not sleeping for another three turns of that, 3,6,9,12, good look and have bby works daytime so U get to sleep when baby wants to, poor thing, or needs to…
    School need educate kids. A trybaby for every person record datasettings and see how they like it, friday after a week of preparing, baby not only that day but weekend. Cut the preggies in 1/6tgh.
    Screaming, waking kid up, 15 year olds that would stick in their minds, also pregnant pills, not to get pregnant, I man…
    Thanks again. U are a beautiful person and I thought that horrible colour was a wig, seriously.
    I looked now, hairline way off, wig for sure.
    The flies, many dead bodies in there?

  39. I’m on food stamps. I am completely embarrassed of the fact. I still have a bed that my daughter “should” be sleeping in. She only sleeps in her fathers and my bed. That’s the only thing I bought with the stimulus check… A separate bed for my girl. I got a target bed, mattress and sheet that could absorb a nighttime “accident” All together it was $600. She still only falls asleep in our bed and she is almost 5. No matter what, there should be a bed separated from you that your baby could lay on.

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