One dead after semi-truck flies off US 75 overpass in Allen -

One dead after semi-truck flies off US 75 overpass in Allen

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The crash happened Tuesday afternoon near the intersection of U.S. 75 and Stacy Road.


  1. Probably another road raging idiot driving 100 mph cutting off the postal truck Semi…'s about time the government do something about these erratic drivers killing people

  2. I live in Allen. Shop at Whole Foods Market. Very scary. Poor Driver. May he Rest In Peace.

  3. I’m sorry 😢for the driver and his family. My condolences to them…!

    A lot members of my family are truck drivers and they go trough a lot in the road, including bad drivers…almost get in accidents because people don’t respect they pass in front of trucks and if something happens they blame on the truck drivers, which isn’t fare…at all It takes some time before a truck driver can slow down due to the amount of speed changes , 18

    Please keep your distance when you see a truck, be kind and let them pass when they put their signals to switch lanes.

    It takes them some time to slow down since their truck has 18 shifts, people don’t care for truck drivers they don’t let them pass most of the time they are from other estates and they get lost easily.

    Be kind to one another, and don’t forget that truck drivers bring to our home more than food 🍱

    Love 💕 and peace to all of you!

  4. I was literally there today just moments before this happened…… I’m so thankful no cars were driving on the underpass when the truck went over. Condolences to the family of the fatality.

  5. That was insane. It's a total miracle that the truck didnt land on anybody. That intersection was packed. A few seconds earlier or later and a lot more people could have been killed. Hopefully someone up there on the highway above caught it on a dashcam too and can show what caused it.

  6. The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash should be in prison

  7. He was probably trying to avoid a texter coming into his lane. RIP

  8. 🤎✨Sorry you went this way brother 🙏✨THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR DELIVERIES 🚛

  9. After seeing a JB Hunt truck swerve over the guardrail and plunge into the Columbia River at The Dalles, OR I made up my mind that while I would try my best to avoid 4 wheelers, I would NOT swerve over a bridge or overpass to save an idiot in a 4 wheeler. They never found the body of the JB Hunt driver, btw.

  10. When I t comes to a semi ill rather fully hit the car then to swerve with the semi. At the end of the day it's your life. So it you have to hit a car just fully hit it. My uncle was a trucker and his always told me that don't pay for other's mistakes just hold on tight and keep it straight.

  11. So sorry for that driver. I actually used to work just down the road from that intersection

  12. ρσѕιтινє νιвєѕ нєяє ιѕ ミミ says:

    My dad told me that the man that crashed worked with him (co-worker) RIP Mr Gomez.

  13. I am a UPS driver and I was at this intersection of the crash before the police were there. So much smoke I couldn’t even see in front of me. I had no idea what had happened. From one postal service to another, RIP.

  14. Yeah those post office semi truck drivers drive like they are in a BMW. 

  15. I'm not an auto or fire expert but what caused that diesel to ignite so quickly?

  16. I was driving when it happening right on the frontage road.

  17. Guaranteed he was cut off. I drive here in Houston people are just so insensitive to truckers. So so sad man.

  18. Was texting involved? How did this happen so we can avoid it in the future?

  19. Gustavo Gomez, 71, was identified as the truck driver who died after his 18-wheeler went off U.S. 75 in Allen and burst into flames. His wife says he's lived in Dallas since the early 80s and was a father of five. 🙏

  20. It's luck no one was passing thru at street level at that exact moment the truck hit the roadway or the truck would've landed on them. Same thing happened in Tampa, a woman driving a large SUV tried to merge onto I-75 instead of waiting for traffic to clear. She hit a large truck causing pandemonium with cars crashing into one another. End result, flaming debris from the truck fell onto the street below landing on a car. The driver was burned alive, they had to ID him thru dental charts. All because one woman was impatient and couldn't wait for heavy traffic to pass. RIP to Gustavo Gomez killed in the Texas accident.

  21. I’m always scared to drive by them, the drivers are usually on the phone and they change lines very fast and they go over the speed limit 😢, so sad he lost his life.

  22. This is a dangerous part of the road in Allen, Texas. I saw this accident.

  23. I'm pretty sure the car went to cut in front of him and he turned so he didn't hit the car and hit the right side of that bridge and went over it.

  24. I am sure that truck has a camera the company should have it

  25. There needs to be an update to the current infrastructure in which the roads are only used for semitrucks. It’s too dangerous when a regular car carelessly swerves in front of a semi truck causing the semi truck driver to avoid impact. (And of course vice versa)

  26. Tractor trailer drivers should be protected under the law by any negligent driver who cuts them off. Most of the time, they blame the big rig driver when they are not at fault.

  27. Lawyers talking to driver in car looking for a huge settlement from trucking Co. Cuz that’s what they do best. Nobody in a car respects a semi. Get cut off, break checking, squeezing into little space between truck and car in front. It’s a constant grind dealing with cars!

  28. If the car did cut him off I don't know how he can live with him self if he doesn't say anything. That is very cowardly if he did

  29. Thank you for your service 🙏 driver may you rest in peace.We got it from here.we'll all meet back up on the highway to heaven.

  30. It’s really weird how no one has a video of the initial wreck on 75. Only a video from below 75. Hmmm A video of the wreck on 75 would show why he had to veer to the right causing him to go over the side to die.

  31. At least 87% of all wrecks involving a truck is caused by a car.

  32. No wonder my bag of jellybeans arrived late!

  33. This is sad.😢 Get off your Phones. Don't be selfish on the roads. Please think of others around you. Condolences to the Family. 🙏🏽🙏

  34. I know the family, this is extremely sad and tragic😢

  35. What it looks like he was pushed over…..the way the truck came down. We truck divers always drive for everyone. And yes they should make a road for only trucks but that’s impossible

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