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Here is the final member of the MEKA Squad that would be a great playable hero in Overwatch 2; and their name is King!

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  1. So… just Revenant Reborn? (Ability 1/Ultimate)

  2. Cassidy nade is the only heat seeker we need

  3. i rlly want the 2nd meka squad hero but TT there only dva who still online


  5. King looks so boring their is nothing fun looking about his dull korean bowl cut trim and it will just be another mech with a shii ton of armour + wears glasses so he's a neek 🤣

  6. “Dav isnt my favorite”
    Me when im trying to be different-
    (Just joking)

  7. I would like to see all the Meka squad character in the near future Maybe after the next support they start adding them in

  8. Interesting 🔥
    Can't wait for more interesting playable characters.
    And the LORE

  9. I always though if they introduced a new meka squad hero a way of making them different from dva would be to have their base form their human pilot mode and their ultimate be them using their mech. Maybe the mech has a battery life or after awhile it kicks you out just to have it feel not too similar to dva’s playstyle

  10. Am I wrong by playing overwatch on pc with controller??

  11. I like king a lot more then overlord. Overlord seems like the most boring out of all of them but king, king looks fun af

  12. Might as well have the medkit in the spawnroom as our new support hero

  13. I still don’t know who the members are.

  14. Every meka squad member would be amazing, just a shame that it would take ages for them to come in overwatch

  15. “No heat seeking abilities in overwatch two”
    Cassidy’s mag grenade: 👁️👄👁️

  16. Love the ARMY shoutouts 💜 Great video honestly I think I’d play him if he came out

  17. Hope we end up with 100 playable heros eventually, And that the servers don't close down for 30+ years.

  18. Hey bro, you wack I’ve been creating a character for overwatch that feels very natural to the game. There’s some thing that has never been in the game before but I would like to keep them a surprise, but maybe you could look over them🤔

  19. The Hangeul used in Kyung-Soos name is 경 (Kyeong/Kyung) so its actually pronounced more with a "Yeong" sound than a "Ing" or "Ung" sound, not sure what the hanja for his name is but a common one is 敬秀 which roughly means honourable and excellent that combined with the visual similarity of his name to the word "KING" would be my guess as to where he got the name from

  20. Or maybe it’s like baptiste,s jump with the charge?

  21. I’m waiting for overlord. I really hope he has like a nano bot controlling system because overlord use to play games like StarCraft and stuff. So having abilities that would be themed around stuff like that would be cool ImO

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