Peter Steiner & Constanze Hochwartner - Fly or Die (Gilles Rocha) -

Peter Steiner & Constanze Hochwartner – Fly or Die (Gilles Rocha)

Peter Steiner
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Peter Steiner, trombone
Constanze Hochwartner, piano

Fly or Die
Gilles Rocha

March 2018
Recital @ Columbus State University, Georgia


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  1. 10 geniuses gave this a thumbs down. Maybe they didn't like your jacket? Wonderful job – frankly amazing.

  2. Amazing!
    I have met you in person before, but didn't really know of you back then. Now that I have been listening to United and one of your recitals, I would love to congratulate you! You are a great trombonist, and my instructor and I both look up to you.
    Best wishes in the future!

  3. is this a bass trombone or tenor? it looks like a tenor, but I thought this was a bass trombone solo

  4. I can't decide who I like better, Lionel or Peter. Lionel hit bass notes better, but Peter had better tone and better dynamics. Both are crazy good though.

  5. This version seems to be geared more toward tenor trombonists, there was a lack of phat notes, so I think Lionel's was better, not to say this one was bad.

  6. 4:21 I love that part! I heard your solo before but didn't know anything about you until Christopher Bill mentioned you in one of his recent vids.

  7. Le son de trombone nul est en plus la posistion aussi 😂😂😂

  8. Now I know why Mr Chiles was big on slurs and trills all those years ago.

  9. I see he uses the same eyebrow cheat codes as Joe Alessi

  10. I listen to this performance at least twice a week, your ability amazes me! It was a pleasure meeting you at ITF, and even more of a pleasure to play side by side with you in my Youth Workshop performance.

  11. If I were to do this you would probably hear my crappy slide more than the actual playing part.

  12. I’m considering seeing you at Tamuk in November 🙂

  13. Omg another one attempted it, I may just be on team Steiner here, the man has been dethroned

  14. Mr. Quercus Mischievous Wizard-Knight says:

    AWESOME! 😃😃😃👏👏👏 This IS the hardest trombone solo EVER! 😱😱😱😱 Full Stop! 😱😱😱😱😃😃😃😃👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Is this a different version?? That’s a different opening than the original

  16. His chops seemed like they may have been a little tired, but even then it was still great. Just seemed like there were some high notes that didn’t sound too well, but funny thing is that he recovered so well that I couldn’t even tell.

  17. Great, Peter. It´s also an incredible performance, this part is a really challenge.

  18. Extremely well done, i must say, but in my honest opinion, i prefer Lionel's recording. I just prefer the feeling of his performance, not to take away from your fantastic performance

  19. Congratulations Peter, very interesting interpretation, phrasing and clarity of notes, trills, etc. Also congratulations to the pianist Constanze (I live in the city of Constanța- Romania :))) who in the background supports very well the musical performance

  20. 👏👏👏 Lindo! Lindo! Lindo! ❤️❤️

  21. MAH BOI I’m trying to start to learn this any tips? And any tips or exersizes for getting high notes on bass trombone I play low notes really good

  22. Is he actually playing a bass trombone? Linels version is much better in the low register. That’s why I asked if he was playing a real bass bone.

  23. And nobody sees the enormous daily practice which is required to play like this. So, well done both of you and greetings from Germany!

  24. Back in the day (70's & 80's) I considered myself a damn good bass trombonist. However, I pale in comparison to this guy, and others who are able to play this Fly or Die piece. Great job!

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