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Pilot Makes Tragic Mistake on Family Vacation Flight!

Pilot Debrief
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This pilot made a tragic mistake while taking his family on a vacation and it was absolutely heartbreaking. My hope is that other pilots never make this mistake and we are able to learn from this terrible tragedy.

Everyone makes mistakes, even airline pilots. If you want to learn about the tragic mistake an airline pilot made on his honeymoon flight, then check out this video here 👉

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Docket on the investigation for N36402:

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  1. How a heartbreaking incident, a whole family lost due to lack of knowledge about that plane 😢

  2. What a horrible tragedy. I feel like crying. Do I see tears forming in Hoover's eyes, there at the end? I have a very soft spot in my heart for little ones. Please, pilots, ask for help from air traffic, that is what they get paid for.

  3. Reminds me of TNF flygirl, another person flying a plane he isn't educated about.

  4. Jason should have never been given a license to fly anything.

  5. Pride goeth before the fall, literally. I really wish the pilot had asked for help.

  6. At least they all went together, Please God rest their souls

  7. How tragic. The dumbness here is overwhelming. So many links in the chain left unbroken. Thanks for your detail analysis of this tragedy Hoover.

  8. He was excelling, and sadly, he succeeded in starting a family before natural selection would have taken him out.

  9. I am an ex special operator, I take my 7 year old on instructor lead flight at least 8 times per year since he was 5 years old. It is crazy to think my kiddo has more common sense and has never been in the seat would know immediately to turn around or divert. Can’t wait until he turns 8 to actually control himself. But my 7 year old is more experienced with more common hence, in the back seat than this guy. I hope my kiddo keeps wanting to pursue piloting, rather than get shot up with lifetime injuries unlike a spec ops dumb ass like myself

  10. Could you possibly examine the flight of JFK JR?

  11. I wish you would do a debrief on AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 1420 that crashed at Little Rock

  12. Ultimately, hubris of some type prevented this man from returning to the departure airport. How sad that risking the lives of precious cargo to attend a birthday party trumped a sensible acceptance of facts and a teachable moment to his kids that disappointment is a part of life and choosing the safe option is always preferred. Dirty Harry said it best; "a man has to know his limitations."

  13. This channel should be compulsory viewing for student pilots.

  14. Did you debrief the crash of the 7 year old pilot?

  15. Man, I could tell by your voice and the look of your eyes that you really were affected by telling us this tragic story. I felt the same way and am thankful that pilots like you are trying to help others from making tragic mistakes.

  16. Suicidal! How on earth the FAA lets them fly and not being qualified to read the instruments…

  17. What I don’t understand in this day and age why the weather is still in coded format? For something this important why not simply if it and write it out in plain English.

  18. These videos are helpful for pilots of any level and experience.

  19. There’ll always be another party, it’s not worth it

  20. Ladies these mens ego will get you killed every time
    Weather its hiking, mountain climbing or flying
    Listen to your gut

  21. This is pure ego. Typical of a man to put his family in danger.

  22. If i was his wife, I'd refuse to ever fly with him and my children. If something were to happen with just him, atleast you and your children would still be alive.

  23. In short, Jason was very dumb to put in risk his family for his big ego

  24. Funny, I used to think small aircraft were dangerous but after watching this I realized its just like driving, the most dangerous part about the craft is the nut behind the wheel.

  25. Great details in your video, but the bottom is that he should've not be allowed to fly since he wasn't officially certified in flying and fully trained in instruments knowledge and usage. It's tragic because he risked his entire family lives just get to his destination which he unfortunately did not make. His decision to fly without adequate oxygen for everyone is completely unacceptable which came at a terrible cost.

    What if there was another aircraft in the area which he couldn't see nor orientate from his position until it was too late?

    Not worth the risk…a terrible loss.

  26. Hoover I seen how much you emotionally connected to this tragedy and seeing that made me start to tear up also.❤ you are doing a great job man. Keep bringing awareness to us all and those that do fly will make better judgements after seeing your channel.

  27. I think he didn't ask the CT for help is because he didn't want to scare his family.

  28. I HATE accidents when the pilot is overconfident, especially when it involves family.
    It even got Hoover teard up😢

  29. Tragic…. Not the result of ONE bad decision, but the culmination of MANY….each one getting progressively worse until there was no longer an “out”. The weather could care less if someone makes it to thier destination or not. More than just a few opportunities here to have scrubbed the flight and returned home in one peice. Classic case of “get there-itis”.

  30. unnecessary bs travel should be outlawed in this country

  31. how about keeping your silly azzes at home , not gallavanting to vegas every few weeks

  32. A friend of mine did basically the same thing. No IFR rating, bought a small plane for family trips and had very few hours. His first wife had died by suicide when their kids were toddlers. He remarried and was taking the family on vacation, Oklahoma to Colorado. He got stuck in the clouds and slammed into the side of a mountain. Killed all four of them instantly. He thought he was invincible. Unfortunately, he took his innocent second wife and his children to their death.

  33. Pride shouldn't be a factor when your 3 children and wife are involved.😒

  34. 0:46 What on earth is going on in this photo? The son and younger daughter look like they're melting… The wife's toes look mangled… Is this the result of trying to use AI to "uncrop" an original, more zoomed-in image?

  35. Hoover, thanks for this analysis…..GREAT JOB….I learned to fly in 1990s….stories like this were not readily available as they are today….

  36. 'accident aircraft'? Tell me how any of this tragedy was an accident…

  37. The forces generated by Jason’s rapid flight control movements, due to his spatial disorientation, exceeded the structural limits of the aircraft and it broke apart in flight.

    I have three children and that made this a very tough debrief. Thank you to everyone that support this channel, especially those of you on Patreon and my channel members. My hope is this video and the work I do helps to prevent future tragedies.
    If you want to learn more about the tragic mistakes that an airline pilot made on his honeymoon flight, then check out this video here: 👉 https://youtu.be/EbRqORwifvc

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