Plasma Rifle! - The Wasteland: World on Fire | Fallout Mod | 7 days to Die | Ep 33 -

Plasma Rifle! – The Wasteland: World on Fire | Fallout Mod | 7 days to Die | Ep 33

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Plasma Rifle! – The Wasteland: World on Fire | Fallout Mod | 7 days to Die | Ep 33

RWG Settings:
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Seed Name: TheWasteland
Towns: Many
Rivers, Craters, Cracks, Lakes: Few
Plains 55
Hills 36
Mountains 9
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Genosis embarks on a brand new Alpha 21 series, set to explore all the content it has to offer. Join us in the adventure, like, and subscribe!

Mods Used-
The Wasteland:
NPC Mod:
Fall Auto Launcher:
Random Main Menu Background:

Fire Mod:
Craft from Containers:

0:00 Intro
0:30 Episode

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7 Days to Die is a “Zombie Horde Survival Crafting Game”. Yep, that’s a lot of words. That’s because 7 days to die is a lot of things. It is a zombie horror game. You are being pursued by zombies with the constant threat of a horde in 7 days, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They come for you on day 7, and you have that much time to prepare. If you survive that horde, another one is coming on day 14, stronger than before. You must improve your base, become more skilled, or you will lose everything. It is also a crafting game, where you can build your base, weapons, tools, even electrical traps, and turrets to keep you alive through the night. It is also a survival game, where you must scavenge food, mine resources, and manage your general health through diseases and dysentery. What makes 7 Days to Die special isn’t just that unique mix of gameplay features I describe above, it is also a “fully destructible world” based on voxel technology. You can dig anywhere, destroy anything, in a true sandbox environment. The replay-ability is near infinite, limited only to your imagination and gluttony for punishment. There are multitudes of settings for you to customize your experience to make it as tough, or as creative as you wish. 7 Days to Die is also created with multiplayer in mind. You can collaborate in teams, or strike out on your own as a lone wolf. you can form alliances, group up for the shared experience, or attack other players on PVP servers for the ultimate survival challenge. Will you be the member or a community, or a threat from afar? The many, many choices are yours.


  1. Btw, I've probably missed it, but is there anything that will help you resist radiation better? I've seen you use Rad-Z but apparently that didn't work as well as I would have expected. The power armour doesn't seem to help very much either. Those irradiated clear missions seem a bit too intense if you can't reduce the effect of the radiation much.

  2. You know, it would be really funny if a male trader was added to the game, who was just as conventionally attractive as Doctor Jen, with the same level of innuendos in his dialogue.

    A clean, caring hunk who just doesn't realise how the things he says can be interpreted…

    "I love a customer who knows how to handle themselves."

    "Would you like to try my chili dog?"

    …etc, etc.

  3. Awesome tip on changing the dew collector. And omg poor Sally.

  4. My dew collector is going to collect Mega Crush! =)

  5. Isn't the air water and pretty much everything contaminated with nuclear fallout if so you'd need a special filter for the water or it would come out very dangerous boiling it may not even help it

  6. I thought you killed Sally, and was about to unsubscribe Just kidding lol.

  7. Great tip on the dew collectors, now if we could just turn off the heat generation. lol

  8. Gonna, report you to Jawoodle hitting poor Sally 😂😂😂

  9. Sally just got sent to another dimension lol

  10. You remind me of a squirral with ADHD, but then again, they would have better focus.

  11. Is there a specific Alpha 21.2 version for this mod? I get a ton of errors and it never finishes loading. 21.2 B37.#? or just 21.2 B37?

  12. my good sir please start carrying food on your person or drone, seeing your food warning is triggering me to no end. even a couple of deathclaw steaks im pretty sure you have some in your inventory.

  13. Nice little modding tutorial Gen 😊 Now do you want to help me fix my massive overhaul mod that was 99% complete when alpha 20 broke it? I don't live very far away from you and it's only 984mb with 227 files 🤣😭

  14. I’ve noticed that your car takes damage whenever you go up the ramp. Does it do much damage to the blocks?I know I could find out, but I’m lazy lol. Comments to poke the algorithm. 😀

  15. So if you change the code on the dew collector to thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail it’ll product molotovs? Lol

  16. "I dont have a lot of space" – thats what she said.

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