Pterodactyl & Phoenix Funny Trolls // -

Pterodactyl & Phoenix Funny Trolls //

Blue Sky
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This is a Gameplay Video… Enjoy
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  1. (fireball noises are there Sky (*BS*)

  2. U are just an amazing YouTuber love u! 😊

  3. I think killing bosses is faster than killing bosses.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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  10. me:bs uploaded new video
    Bs:i back the video edits
    me:i watching 9999999 times

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  12. I see you heart almost every comment. Anyways. 1v1 in is always good for me. I'd be happy to. But also can you test something since this game is blowing up. You see, the wiki says it's impossible for anything below a ghost to reach the "Ghostly Angel" But I feel like you can kill it with a hornet with it's posion ability and also the fact that the ghostly angel deals low damage anyway.

  13. Snowy owl is awful in flyordie. It takes forever to level up and u can barely eat anything

  14. ajjajajajajaja lai jajajajajjaja a fada jajajajajajja

  15. A I'm big oldΰ­§(οΌΎ γ€° οΌΎ)ΰ­¨

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  18. I like the memme in the between like yummy food time….. And …no god please noo….. And the biting soung effect nice editing man

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