Ranking & Showcasing ALL Devil Fruits on Blox Fruits - bouncylandapp.com

Ranking & Showcasing ALL Devil Fruits on Blox Fruits

Captain Maui
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Ranking & Showcasing ALL Devil Fruits on Blox Fruits
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  1. I have control+dark dagger and it’s an easy one shot combo

  2. This is the best rating video because he uses them in order

  3. Theres a tap for both rubber and v2 dough

  4. honestly im not just saying this to try and win a giveaway i have been waiting for a video like this so thank you for that but if you do see this i want dough my reason being its honestly my favurite fruit and i have non stop for days been trying to find someone to trade with for it everyone always says L trade i add more then they never say anything just ghost me like they just came there to say that so if i do win the dough giveaway i would like to thank you after and beforehand Thank You Captain Maui

  5. My name is Isaiah you me I think I should get fought because I don’t have that good of a reason but I love dough so much and really was looking forward to grinding it

  6. On god Seeing this video ungod makes me wanna have leopard more

  7. uhhh in magma floor skill mobs with haki and enemy can hit you


  9. U should give me leapord because I’m new and really wanna try it since people hype it up so much and just wanna expirience it

  10. I prefer leopard, because I just like it more from what I’ve seen in the show I think it looks a lot better and the power is better and something to convince you is I’ve never gotten a fruit higher than ruber

  11. i prefer dough im not going to lie to u im poor asf and my parents refuse to even touch online purchases so i just got donoed but still pls i need this

  12. Pls man I just what a fruit because I just started blox fruits so it’s easy ear to levle up by 3 sea I just hope I win pls

  13. I want dough, why? Because i needed to farm from almost no money to 3 milion just to get dough and it never gets on stock, i know it's a lame reason, but dough is my favourite fruit alongside venom.

  14. That time when u budha sword spam on a chop user lol

  15. Leapord has heavy knocback on every move so Its NOT S TIER at grindings its mid b or high b pvp its an s tier but dont lie about the grinding same from dragon it has high knock back so its badd for pve –

  16. I think u should pls give me a leopard plss because I have been grinding my butt off for 30+ hours and still no leopard

  17. Yea i agree best fruit in game for pvp is buddha and 2nd is leopard bc buddha is kinda op

  18. Venom is so high rank that its not on the S tier

  19. you should give me a leopard because the "trading is currently in maintenance" scammed my leopard, dragon, gravity, shadow, and buddha (i was trading for 2 dark blade and i thought it was too good to be true.. it apparently was)

  20. Awakened dough is overrated, change my mind

  21. you should give me leopard because i watch breaking bad

  22. It’s a elemental my guy it still has logia lol

  23. I believe I should have the dough because bread is good, and dough makes bread. If I have dough I get bread then get sandwich. I am man with sandwich. Gander Equality

  24. I prefer leapord cause I can flex on my friends I got on famous yt vid and i got fruit and then I will make friends prob LOL if i dont win rip but who ever won gg also I could trade for leapord i gave 2x mastery for dragon and shadow and gave that for venom buddha and control

  25. Give me leapord or dough what ever u wanna give cause I get friends from it

  26. I’m level 50 and I found ice and chop fruit but I lost the chop fruit

  27. My favorite thing about the rubber rework you get a free attack being rubber pistol my only gripe is having not much range

  28. I just started playing and got ice fruit on my first try, would you say that’s good for starting out ?

  29. bro i bought gum and the rush is not nearly as long as that one is for me it lasts 1 sec and does 16.3 damage

  30. I prefer shadow bc it’s amazing for pvp and with embrage you can grind easily amazing for bosses

  31. Pov I’ve never gotten a fruit rarer than uncommon from the cousin

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