Reaching Level 99999 Reaper (MAX LEVEL) In -

Reaching Level 99999 Reaper (MAX LEVEL) In

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Reaching Level 99999 Reaper (MAX LEVEL) In
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  1. Do i smell a new episode of the "Fly or Die" podcast?

    It sure was, i loved the fact about the ants that hunt in packs of millions, despite being an ant lover, i wouldn't wanna see smth like that.
    And it sure was a tough lobby "Better luck next time"

  2. to who ever reads this have a good day

  3. a lot of people eat squirrels, it supposedly tastes like chicken

  4. 14:26 dunno if this was answered later on in the video yet but Antarctica was a temperate rainforest

  5. As someone that hunts (hints the name) hunting squirrels is very normal to do and not usually bc you get annoyed at hunting other things. They taste very good and some people say it taste like chicken but personally it doesn’t taste chicken. For most people eating squirrel is a mind thing like eating frogs (yes that’s a real thing here in the south) or like crabs which this might ruin eating them for some people but they are bottom feeder which means they eat anything dead including humans (sorry if this ruined it for anyone). But overall it’s just preference some people like it some people don’t.

  6. Ps under the castle next to the desert there is giant rat and spider

  7. As someone Who's eaten squirrel. I confirm they taste like chicken.

  8. 17:48 why are their so many peaceful red birds?! I’m gonna ruin their day. *kills red bird -instant karma “why dude you can literally do anything else!

  9. Trailer Park Girl goes round the outside, round the outside. Ch ch ahhh. Ch ch ahh.

  10. 1.Plants can grow in irradiated soil, but they will be radioactive
    2.If they remove the top soil(5-10ft. of the top) the plants won't be radioactive.
    3.MatPat made a food theory on it.
    4.Or they eat canned food.

  11. Squirrel brains and eggs taste good. Its prob the original name per se but it was hogs brains most likely,bc it wasnt standard beef. I devoured plates of it when I was younger

  12. Fly or Die is just a JeromeASF podcast with a game to keep people’s attention span; Change My Mind

  13. I'm just saying Steve was right about Jerome being an easy target, literally hung around a dragon to kill a red bird instead of flying away

  14. reminder there are hornets that remember your face and will wait outside your house for you

  15. That sky blazer guy should actually get a life lmao

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