Reds vs. Giants Game Highlights (5/11/24) | MLB Highlights -

Reds vs. Giants Game Highlights (5/11/24) | MLB Highlights

San Francisco Giants
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Reds vs. Giants full game highlights from 5/11/24

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  1. I watch Giants so I can Laugh at their little league efforts.Just poor effort from start of game. 5/11/2024

  2. I was at this game and this was an excellent game because of Matt Chapman Crushing His 2nd Career Grand Slam in the bottom of the 1st 2:00!! So cool I got to see him do that in a Giants uniform the first time when I was at this game in person!! Let’s hope to win the series tomorrow on Mother’s Day 5/12 and I’ll be at tomorrow’s game as well!! So happy our Giants basically won because of Chapman!! I’ll see you at tomorrow’s game for the Mother’s Day Crossbody Bag Giveaway!! GO GIANTS and please make some noise today for the performance of MATT CHAPMAN!! 🧡🖤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. That a grey pelican. A San Francisco treasure.

  4. Go giants go!!! Nice game!! Greetings from germany!!!😊

  5. The Chappy Grand Slam in the first set the tone for the rest of the game.

  6. Please MLB please use the local broadcast calls for the entirety of these videos and none of the garbage FOX cast


  8. Really good defense from the Giants tonight. That catch by Ramos, those two outs at second on gorgeous outfield throws, those were huge.

  9. “Every game De La Cruz does something that draws your eye to him.” (Ooops!) “De La Cruz just kinda fell asleep out there— he had all…the time…in the world…and just made a bad throw…😂

  10. For real though, it's 2024… Why are we still watching this in 720p????

  11. ジョンフはなんで試合に出ないんですか?

  12. Where was this offense yesterday and not to mention the Pitching? Now the question is will the Giants ever get to 500 or lag behind the entire damn season. Oh and not mention two excellent throws from Yaz and Ramos to cut down 2 would be doubles.

  13. Love the production around the line up! Chapman with the big slam! But what fielding in the outfield and the arms to throw em out at second!

  14. Finally Chapman does something on offense!

  15. First seals now pelicans 😮 is a freaking zoo in the city

  16. nice, let’s get this dub train rolling. Outfield assist are sweet !

  17. ° Heliot Ramos made a huge statement with his glove in that game: "I BELONG HERE!" His discipline in taking a walk in the 1st inning was also huge!
    ° Bob Melvin did not repeat his mistake from Mason Black's first start… he pulled him after 2 times through the order!
    ° Matt Chapman's first smile (a shy & brief one) in ages after a beach ball from Lodolo. His grand slam is no guarantee he's out of the dooldrums yet!
    ° The Giants are still not hitting!

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