Roblox Type Or Die Longest Answers - Hard Mode Any Language (06-20-2023) -

Roblox Type Or Die Longest Answers – Hard Mode Any Language (06-20-2023)

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Q&A compilation update for Roblox Type or Die | Hard Mode | Any Language

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00:02 Name something you charge regularly (Portuguese).
06:36 Name something you charge regularly (Russian).
00:06 Name a type of insurance.
00:08 Name a country in north america.
00:13 Name a popular board game.
00:18 Name a way to travel long distances.
00:23 Name something in a toolbox.
00:29 Name a superpower.
00:35 Name something in a first aid kit.
00:40 Name something in a salad.
00:43 Name a popular roblox youtuber.
00:49 Name a capital city in europe.
00:51 Name something in a cave.
00:54 Name an animal in antarctica.
00:57 Name a human organ.
01:01 Name a famous invention.
01:06 Name something in a gym.
01:10 Name something you do at school.
01:15 Name a mythical creature.
01:19 Name a breakfast drink.
01:22 Name something in a police station.
01:27 Name a coding language.
01:34 Name a famous scientist.
01:39 Name an animal that lives in a shell.
01:42 Name a musical instrument.
01:46 Name a shape.
01:53 Name something kids line up for at school.
01:56 Name a popular roblox game.
02:00 Name something sharp.
02:03 Name a dog breed.
02:06 Name a creative hobby.
02:09 Name something in a movie theater.
02:13 Name something you would see in the ocean.
02:17 Name something in the bathroom.
02:22 Name a potato chip flavor.
02:25 Name a fruit.
02:28 Name an animal that can fly.
02:31 Name a search engine.
02:33 Name a phone brand.
02:35 Name something you would see on the road.
02:40 Name a car brand.
02:48 Name something you keep in the car.
02:52 Name a social media app.
02:55 Name something you play video games on.
03:03 Name something people wear.
03:07 Name something that goes up.
03:09 Name a famous superhero.
03:13 Name a natural disaster.
03:16 Name something you sit on.
03:19 Name something you would bring to the beach.
03:22 Name something you would find in a living room.
03:25 Name a sport that uses a ball.
03:28 Name a pet.
03:31 Name a type of cake.
03:39 Name something on a hamburger.
04:03 Name a way to listen to music.
04:07 Name something you would find at a restaurant.
04:11 Name a condiment.
04:16 Name a popular holiday.
04:21 Name a type of bear.
04:30 Name a time zone.
04:36 Name a car color.
04:41 Name a place you can swim.
04:45 Name something you can climb.
04:49 Name a month with thirty one days.
04:53 Name a month in the year.
04:55 Name something a dog would do.
04:58 Name a mountain range.
05:03 Name a type of juice.
05:06 Name a continent.
05:09 Name an animal that walks slowly.
05:14 Name a vegetable.
05:17 Name a part of the head.
05:20 Name a type of fish.
05:23 Name a board you can write on.
05:27 Name a way to exercise.
05:36 Name a religion.
05:39 Name a mythical creature.
05:41 Name a day of the week.
05:44 Name something you would bring on a camping trip.
05:49 Name a sport that is played in teams.
05:52 Name a famous war.
05:56 Name a type of snake.
06:01 Name one of the four seasons.
06:03 Name a planet in our solar system.
06:06 Name something that makes you itch.
06:09 Name a popular place to study.
06:13 Name an animal that has a horn.
06:17 Name a popular card game.
06:21 Name a type or dinosaur.
06:26 Name an ice cream topping.
06:32 Name something you would find in a backpack.
06:41 Name something you wear on your head.
06:46 Name something that is cold.
06:49 Name something you eat with your hands.
06:54 Name something you do in your sleep.
07:00 Name something that is made out of milk.
07:04 Name something you would find in a classroom.

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  1. I'm kinda jealous all my friends were in a vid except for me 😭 also the longest one for name something you fill with ear is inflatable pool toy in russian

  2. Brielle I've found out some answer in Russian , Spanish, Portuguese
    For insurance : Responsabilidadcivil
    For green fruit : мексиканский кислый огурец
    For famous war : ВеликаяОтечественнаявойна
    For outer space : международная космическая станция
    For something in a salad : italien is ches dressing
    For sport that played in teams : Художественная гимнастика
    For Antarctica : Императорский пингвин (Not sure yet)
    For ocean : Континентальныелинииразлома

  3. Nah bro it’s me bro tuwooo my boy just always slay with his avatar

  4. Anyone want the 23 block answer I found for something people wear??

  5. For those who use google translate and realise that u can’t find place u can swim answer just put public hot tub and copy the first 3 phrases

  6. A better answer for an animal that can fly is ardilla voladora.

  7. I think I found one:
    Name something you find in a kitchen (I think):
    Dishwasher (Russian)

  8. if you guys don’t know I lost to nidlandtiger

  9. A better answer for something in a salad is italienisches Dressing (German).

  10. please can you put the translation in english for the answers spanish is russian

  11. What many language for the answer in this video?

  12. Advancedinteractivemultidimensionalmodelingsystem

  13. how do you type in russian on pc in roblox? it wont let me like i cant paste special symbols

  14. Why does when i try your answer in russian it doesn’t work for me ?

  15. The longest word in Russian is рентгеноэлектрокардиографический

  16. What's the perfect answer in name a typw of insurance? (English pls)

  17. Name something kids line up for at school: laboratório de informática

  18. HI bri what's the perfect answer for name something in the a gym pls i forgot

  19. Name something people wear: футболка с длинным рукавом

  20. giuliana imbenta historias de pony y LPS says:


  21. brl friends?
    my username is hujacky and im a friend of "him"

  22. What is the best answer in pro mode for:
    Something on a desk:
    Something you'd find in a backpack:
    A color of the rainbow:
    A pet:

  23. Brielle whenever I type Spanish answers it’s incorrect

  24. Ty, i really suck at this game especially that I forget words alot 🙂

  25. What's the perfect answer for something you do in the snow? (Pro mode)

  26. I know the coding language lol advanced interactive multidimensional modeling system

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