Rock Mafia - "Fly or die" lyrics video -

Rock Mafia – “Fly or die” lyrics video

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  1. Oh, lookie at 3:16, it's Adam! Many thanks to Adam (Lambert) for turning me on to Rock Mafia by tweeting a link to the official music video of this song, and to Wanderer for making this lyrics video AND for including a pic of Adam in it!

  2. this is insanely stuck in my head… its quite catchy:D

  3. the lyrics are wrong. It's not "and makes your player crimes look gold." It's "and makes it's way across the globe." If you don't believe me do the verse with my version.

  4. @foreverhers970 Thank you,I found lyrics on the internet,because I wasn't sure about them,because English is not my first language. I corrected it. 🙂

  5. @frogsrcool42 No,this is the original version of the song.

  6. Wow….I'm gonna get EVERY SONG from Rock Mafia… them already

  7. this song is in fifa 13 i got ps3 add me username: agression donkey 69 heehee

  8. Hi, I'm another FIFA Fanatic here because of the FIFA soundtrack!

  9. Everyone has his opinion and thats the reason there is a like and dislike bar.

  10. Me costo encontrarla en el fifa 13 siempre la escuchaba XDD y fifa 13 de ps2 me trajo aquii xDD Que lol Fly or dye

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