Rock Mafia - Fly Or Die Lyrics -

Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die Lyrics

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Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die
Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die
Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die
Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die
Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die
Rock Mafia – Fly Or Die


  1. thumb up if you here from fifa 13 😀 🙂

  2. The start reminds me of london calling by the clash

  3. This music and "The Chevin- Champion" r the best music in FIFA 13.

  4. Rock Mafia lo mejor del soundtrack del FIFA 12 con "The Big Bang" y ahora en el FIFA 13 con "Fly or Die" ….seguro que preparan algo muy bueno para el FIFA 14 …..

  5. We came here cause we like the song, but we heard it on Fifa.
    we're not here because of the Fifa, we're here because of the song.

  6. I don't think it matters how you first hear the song. All that matters is that you like it.

  7. naa thumb if you if you wait on fifa until the songs end and than go on playing xD

  8. The world is but your makeup, you fill it up and break it

  9. FIFA 13 FTW!! Cool song though, another reason I got the game.

  10. I found this song because of FIFA but i dont listen to it JUST becuase its on FIFA, i heard it, i liked it and thought "i want to listen to that more" so here i am.. shut up.

  11. I love this song!! the best part is when it is backwards!

  12. Yeah, we get it. fifa 13. Say something original or funny or fuck off.

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