Rock Mafia - Fly or die -

Rock Mafia – Fly or die

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The official song “Fly or die” by the amazing Rock Mafia.


  1. Das Ablecken von Türknöpfen ist auf manchen Planeten illegal!!!!☝🌕🌚☄

  2. Should’ve been the Chicken run anthem

  3. 7 years after fifa 13 and still listening this song 💙

  4. This reminds me of spending hours and hours opening packs on fifa ultimate team😅

  5. The Rock Mafia always plays a prominent role on EA Sports Song list. In Fifa 12 “Big Bang” stole my heart and in Fifa 12 this “Fly or Die” 👏

  6. This song reminds me of taking pique like trash With Cr7

  7. This songs reminds me of Ronaldo smashing

  8. Soy de Brazil gracias 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  9. im from brazil and think that the narration of Tiago Leifert should is in all language of world because is amazing. <3 Fifa13

  10. In still playing FIFA 13 on My iPad and i find the best song

  11. A hardened manager mode player analysing scout reports, handling player revolts, looking for the most underrated players during the transfer windows.

    Those were the days.

  12. Best soundtrack of all fifa times 👍🏻

  13. Damn is really been that long? Fuck i feel old

  14. I remember sitting in the main menu only to listen to this song 🙁

  15. It will be a fine addition to my bmx clips. Thank you Fifa 13 for giving me this masterpiece.

  16. 2020 and im still here from fifa 13😅 just reminiscing the good old days where we had no problems whatsoever

  17. This song makes me cry, so beatyfull this time of fifa 13😅

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