Run & Gun Hunt After CRAZY 50 DEGREE Temp Drop! BUCK DOWN! -

Run & Gun Hunt After CRAZY 50 DEGREE Temp Drop! BUCK DOWN!
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Josh Fletcher and Tyler Barron head to Nebraska for an opportunity at some early-season whitetails. After a couple days of 90+ degree weather and some tough luck, the tides change as a big cold front moves through!

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  1. I loved the deer hunting when I lived in Lincoln. Never tagged any monster bucks, but the corn fed does were good eating.

  2. Great shot for 40 yards. That advice from PJ probably fits my set up. 28” draw 69 lbs. 340 maxima red sd with 40 grain insert and 125 point. I think I’m shooting fine but haven’t had much practice. Bad busy year. Just started building my own arrows also. We’ll see.

  3. Get that bar set early in the Trophy Doe Contest.

  4. Really liked the "behind the scenes" pov shots 👍🏻

  5. Time to use a better broadhead. That was HORRIBLE penetration ..Just sayin

  6. "beware of poisonous snakes.". just don't eat them-problem solved.

    Now if they meant venomous snakes…..

  7. Congrats! Beautiful shot placement, couldn’t be better.

  8. New hunter here…was that a gut shot on the quartering away?

  9. that is a good video and the kid made a good kill on that buck lot of hunters get the best time to get a buck down and what was the name of that site to send you pictures of people kills on deer what was it again

  10. THAT was a bad shot you took. So eager to get video? Showing taking shots like this is NOT the thing to do. IMO it promotes poor shot judgment to new hunters. Pure luck you hit something vital.

  11. Heck yeah that was awesome to watch!
    I have had an unparalleled deer season so far here in FL.
    Zone A opening day – August 6 (everglades – Picayune Strand) basket 8pt after 45 minutes in the stand. He went 10 yards.
    Zone C – opening weekend Sept 18 – (Central FL) Kissimmee Public Use Area – all day sit produced a stud 8pt. He went down in 40 yards.
    3 days hunting, 2 8 pointers down.
    Epic. Can't wait for Illinois first week of November!

  12. This show absolutely sucks now, what a shame

  13. Really enjoy showing the shot path through the deer. Very helpful

  14. Yes, made the show. Gotta work on my photo though. Thanks guys!

  15. Did you just say it's hard to decipher what's cattle and what's deer? One of those guys…

  16. Whatever ignorant state you’re in please let them know snakes are venomous not poisonous. If I had to guess it’s a blue state. But good luck to all y’all boys this year! BHOD!

  17. Nice work! I expect that cowboy hat to be worn the remainder of the season

  18. Josh’s hunt was a lot of fun. Felt like a hunt we all could have experienced, not an elitist style hunt (not that BHOD has ever really been that). Super great footage and Josh is so knowledgeable and great on camera. “SS…or, CF.” 😂

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