Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | Fly or Die -

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | Fly or Die

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With a full HD screen and top of the line processing power under the hood, will the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 become a go-to “phablet”? It’s the first smartphone to come with 3GB of RAM under the hood, and it also packs a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. With advances in peripherals such as the included S Pen stylus and the optional smartwatch Galaxy Gear, things could get interesting. For more episodes of Fly or Die, click here:

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  1. All Jokes and sneers aside…  For the producers and editors of TechCrunch.   After my colleagues see me quickly frame and share presentation annotations,  product concept sketches, and seminar notes with whiteboard screen captures attached using the most powerful and practically designed handset ever created, they are simply astonished.   The only thing more surprising than what a knowledgeable user can do with the Galaxy Note 3 and 4 is the level of incompetence and simple-mindedness with which you allow your reputation damaging reviewers to bash it.   Fly or Die is a great show idea.. but not if it's consistently insulting to the intelligence of its viewers.

  2. its a fly guys, you guys are isheep so yeahhhh

  3. I have a 6.1 inch Ascend Mate and it fits in ALL of my pants with no problem; I wear skinny jeans. I don't know where you buy your pants but go get a refund. You can see they hardly made an effort to review the Note 3. SoldierKnowsBest and Chris Pirillo are fanboys but at least they will give Jack his jacket. Have fun being productive and entertained on on that 4" screen, 640 p screen . I heard you guys have BSOD now so it makes the screen even more enjoyable 🙂

  4. These people are idiots. Stay with your iphone because your little brain can't understand anything else

  5. @1:40 well look at your fucking pants dumbass. You probably can't even get your hand in your own pocket. You are both some of the dumbest people I have seen on YouTube.

  6. all these reviewers did throughout this review was mock the size of the device. Very little talk about the hardware, and even less discussion about the quality and features of the software. All they did was mock the size of the phone.

    A more robust review would have at least discussed how the pen works in conjunction with the screen to provide some interesting quick access features. I wonder if they even tried it?

  7. Get iPhone aka "phone for girls", that should fit in your girly pants.

  8. If on internet you could be anything, why did these two chose to be an idiot? I just don't get it.

  9. Those are the ugliest pants I have ever seen

  10. What a poor review… no real information aside from their biased opinion toward large & android/Samsung devices. I recommend no one subscribe to TechCrunch and if you have, this poor excuse for a 'review' is reason enough to unsubscribe.

  11. Well stop wearing nut hugging pants. Unbelievable trendy generation.. I don't get it. Lol

  12. This review is a die. I would have to one of the worst reviews I ever seen. No info at all! If you don't like your job, do us all favor and don't show up.

  13. If you wear pants like that..You can't wear underwear!!!

  14. Y'all gay samsung note 3 is the best phone out

  15. worst reviews I ever seen fly or die is a fail lol

  16. You two really suck as reviewers sleep well tonight

  17. Worst review ever. Im done. This is an easy Unsubscribe!

  18. Yeah you have skinny jeans on so probably the only phone will fit In there is the iPhone and yall guys where kinda boring so maybe next time spice it up

  19. dont like to leave negative comments but i am very disappointed in this review.

  20. You guys are fucking stupid and lame review leave the reviews to the pros not these idiots

  21. Why bother with this video? unsubscribe! almost no content, just complaining about the size.

  22. Wow. What an unintelligent review. This was not helpful at all. The note 3 is, by far, the most powerful mobile device we have seen and you don't like it because it's too big to fit in your skinny jeans that can barely hold an average size phone? Good reasoning.

  23. Also the price range starts at $0 down at tmobile. I wonder if they will do a video about the iPhone 5s blue screen of death?

  24. I just unsubscribed as well. I really thought I was going to get some serious insight on why they decided to not like it. Instead, I received a personal issue and not a technical issue.

  25. terrible just plain terrible, an unsubscribe is not an option anymore its a duty.

  26. Yes!!!! I get to use the dislike button. I've heard pants that tight can cause mental problems… maybe that's the reason for this horrible review.

  27. I was expecting that they'll throw it up in the air cos the title is fly or die lol

  28. You all just dont like samsung just baby hard to see and hold apples

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