Scientists find new atomic nucleus -

Scientists find new atomic nucleus

Sabine Hossenfelder
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Today we talk about a new atomic nucleus, a map of a fruit fly brain, an explanation for the gravity hole in the Indian ocean, a better source of quantum light, how NASA is preparing for a trip to MARS, high resolution climate models, a new type of computer memory, faster data transfer, seaweed, and of course, the telephone will ring.

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00:00 Intro
00:31 A new atomic nucleus,
02:11 A map of a fruit fly brain,
03:55 An explanation for the gravity hole in the Indian ocean,
05:44 A better source of quantum light
07:07 Galaxy Lamps special offer
08:20 How NASA is preparing for a trip to MARS
09:36 High resolution climate models
10:54 A new type of computer memory
13:09 Faster data transfer
14:29 Seaweed will not save us

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  1. Keep the politics out of your discussions on science, as science is the reason we are all here. While I’m also not a Trump fan, we don’t care what you think of Gordon Peterson or Trump. Obviously someone you consider a genius gave you some new ideas of blending comedy into your science—but you are not an actual comedian, so you would be stupid to incur the controversy that they desperately embrace in order to be relevant. You’re a scientist whom people hold in high esteem for her scientific knowledge in the realms of physics. No one listens to you for your political musings, nor for your theological views or your moral guidance. Why would we? You’re just a scientist. Don’t be stupid. Stick to science.

  2. Science news – awesome!

  3. Is she trying to be funny? I can't think of another reason for all the random references to people and pop culture. I realise she's german and humour isn't really a thing, but it's actually hard to get through this video because of the cringe. In fact I didn't get through it, I lasted five minutes. Condescending (yes we have heard of astatine, it's famous for it's rarity), offensive and unfunny in the extreme.

  4. Let's just say Mr Peterson isn't known for being particularly laconic 😅…

  5. I’d think that before they worry about high resolution climate models they’d want to develop reasonably accurate ones first. The current batch (other than a couple of Russian models) are wildly inaccurate on the high side. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent based on models with no predictive skill.

    So we’re now going to get wrong answers with a kilometer resolution? Seems kind of pointless to me :-/

  6. Sorry, but how solar panels can save anything? They are extremely toxic in production, require a crapton of energy to make and depend on approximately toxic and inefficient batteries — all of which requires replacing rather soon.

  7. 14:35 • We will never get climate "back under control", as humans have never controlled it.
    • The only place where "global warming", "climate change", etc. has been under our control is within the Computer Models where it was INVENTED.
    • Computer models have a 100% success rate for Failing to make accurate predictions.

  8. @Sabine, Thanks for explaining how the Lemurian Craton sank, taking Krishna's city off of west India under the waves and leaving Madagascar as the last remainder of Lemuria. This 20K thick(!) piece of crust being less dense than the mantle usually found 2K to 5K deep (except beneath mountains ) would cause lower gravity.
    Krishna's city was found and timbers carbon dated to the last global cataclysm circa 4000 BC

  9. How about we stop tearing down trees to build shopping centers that only last about 5 years before they are abandoned for new ones. Demolish the abandoned ones and plant trees.

  10. Anyone knows why Sabine receives all these weird phone calls?

  11. Still lost in the CO2 causes Climate Change myth! Ugh!

  12. What's the issue with Jordan Peterson he seems pretty clear to me

  13. Why exactly do yu hate Republicans in U.S.?

  14. Climate Scientists, lacking in computing power but have an abundance of corrupt Political Power, as long as they keep to the Narrative they keep their employment. Dirty Money.

  15. if you remove all 'comedy', this channel would be more bearable

  16. We had the Sargasso sea that we are destroying with plastic garbage.

  17. Finally the mystery of Jordan Peterson's tweets will be solved.
    Thank you Finland!

  18. 1:15 – Uh…Sabine…Alpha particles are not dangerous outside your body (unless they are moving at relativistic speeds). The real danger for an alpha particle is when it's IN your body. Non-relativistic alpha particles will be stopped by the top layer of skin (which is typically being shed by your anyway). A sheet of paper is enough to shield you against non-relativistic alpha particles.

    Source – me, as a nuclear engineer, I've had plenty of health physics classes and been around a number of radioactive materials and I was also more worried about injesting alpha particle emitters than having one sitting in front of me.

  19. damn, i was just getting use to the old one.

  20. 13:00 Finally!!, I was worried I wouldn´t be able to read the log from the data christal of the Promelian Battle Cruiser if I bumped into one.

  21. There is absolutely nothing else on this planet that has made me more delighted then listening to you talk about science because you’re brilliant
    Possibly also a serial comedian
    Thank you so much for creating these-so far this one is definitely my favorite😂

  22. I must be a freaking GENIUS in this field as I understand Jordan Petersen just fine..


  24. Just how much lower is gravity in the Indian Ocean? I have been sailing over it a handful of times and I felt just as heavy as everywhere else on the Earth…

  25. Wait, I have to be a Patreon to check the references? Thats not very transparent

  26. The Crew Health and Performance Evaluation Analogue (CHAPEA) is a necessary step towards a base and at some point maybe even a settlement on Mars. I am curious how severe an emergency would have to be for a participant to be released though. Knowing that you will be rescued if there is an emergency vs. knowing that you are basically screwed probably makes a big difference, psychologically speaking.

  27. Fast enough to be RAM but permanent when unpowered -> Very nice "sleep mode" shut downs. Boot back up to your system being exactly where you left it, programs picking up where they left off without having to shut anything down! (Reboots to fix things "not working right" still would require a proper shut down; making things work right again is accomplished by starting them over to remove whatever cruft has them bogged down or otherwise errored.)

  28. On the up side, there's no actual evidence that the relation between amount of carbon in the atmosphere and higher temperatures is causal in the carbon -> high temp direction. There is evidence to suggest the causality is actually reversed. Further, there is zero evidence that global temperature averages are driven by human activity; it tends to be strongly correlated with the activity of the Sun, which is decidedly not something man influences. This correlation does imply causation, because the Sun has immense impact on the Earth while the Earth has next to none on the Sun. In good news, however, higher temperatures on Earth have historically led not to mass extinction and flooding, but rather to periods of economic thriving as more land becomes increasingly fertile increasingly far north (and land near the equator does not, in fact, become LESS fertile). So an Earth warmer than ours is today (like, say, it was about 700 years ago when England had vinyards way north of where they can be sustained now) is actually not a bad thing for human life. And it will happen with or without us living our lives as normal.

    These massive projects to "save the planet" all have gross ecological impacts because they are the equivalent of trying to solve a natural cycle of prey/predator balance by introducing invasive species.

  29. Surprised elon didn't phone you about monkey brains.

  30. Still waiting to see if humans are smarter than fruit flies. Will we overpopulate and die in our own filth?

  31. 3:55 I wonder if this is related to the extremely high speed of the movement of the Indian plate. (as these things go, of course.)

  32. Climate models are all flawed because non of them take any rainfaull into account, which is how the earth releases heat.

  33. For a scientist you sure are gullible enough to fall for the leftist propaganda that makes you denigrate Trump calling it humor. You must be triple mRNA vaxxed against a lab manufactured virus, but still think it came from bats at a wet market.

  34. Haha! Flacher Witz über Jordan Peterson. Schuster bleib bei deinen Leisten! Und tschüß!

  35. Growing plants is not going to do anything for climate change.
    For CO2 to be permanently taken out of the atmosphere, we would have to bury the plants in a place where they will never rot, like in a deep, dry mineshaft.
    But if that were at all feasible, then it would be much, much easier to just leave the coal in those mineshafts to being with – because it's already there.

    People don't seem to understand the challenge we have. The genie is out of the bottle and is not going back in that easily.

  36. I like what you talk about but your poke at J. Peterson was not called for nor was it funny.

  37. What if, atomic particles are "the ends of a LINE of INDUCTION" much like the terminus ends of spaghetti. So in theory it depends on what type of spaghetti you boil as to what flavours you get.

  38. the mapping of the fly is a huge deal in my opinion .. you always start super simple to try and understand more complicated issues.. we are surely going to start having leaps and bounds in understanding how the brain works with this progress ..

  39. New atomic nucleus found in Big Mac accidentally left in a coat pocket for 16 years.

  40. Maybe we need to just relax about CO2 and let nature do its thing. After all, this planet has at least five billion years experience managing its climate without machines. Rumor has it that plants absorb CO2 and as a fringe benefit, they produce food. Also plants shade the ground, thus producing cooling. Seaweed is inclined to want to stay near the surface of the ocean so as to get more light so I suspect the sinking seaweed idea is a non-starter.

  41. Good luck to them with the JP tweets… I don't punish myself with them. or him.

  42. 2:09 Um, ooooo-kay? Any particular reason for injecting some completely irrelevant political commentary?

  43. Rising sea water levels, why not use the cavities left behind by undersea oil wells, fill them up to 80%

  44. According to some models, within 15-30 y the heat budget gain to the earth from computing will equal then surpass solar gain from green house gases 😢

  45. A flies brain would make a wonderful neural net if copied exactly into silicon. Ai would make a big jump. I see by your finger color you have Reynaud's syndrome like my German wife. We have a heated wheel on our car which helps her.

  46. Jordan Peterson tweets are sometimes weird but not at the level of ,,progressive“ ideology.

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