SCP-682 - The Many Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile (Compilation) -

SCP-682 – The Many Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile (Compilation)

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SCP 682 is a KETER class anomaly also known as Hard to Destroy Reptile.

SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. SCP682 appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure.

This Compilation includes the following videos:

SCP-682 – Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile
Termination Attempts SCP-682 (SCP Animation)
How to Kill SCP-682 – Theories and Ideas (SCP Animation)
How to Actually Kill SCP-682 (SCP Animation)
Was SCP-682 Really That Hard to Kill After All?
Could SCP-682 be Contained in the Backrooms?
SCP-001 When Day Breaks SCP-682
SCP-682 VS Dr. Bright
SCP-682 VS SCP-076 – The Warrior and the Dragon
How SCP-682 Tried to Stop SCP-5000
SCP-682 – Craziest Mutations and Adaptations
SCP-018 – Can the Super Ball Defeat SCP-682?
SCP-682 Slaughters Through the Backrooms
SCP-682 VS SCP-096 – Rematch of the Century
Could SCP-001 Actually Slay SCP-682?
SCP-682 vs Lord Blackwood – The Thrilling Hunt

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Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from and its authors.

SCP-682 – The Many Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile is based on “SCP-682” by Dr Gears

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  1. Try treating it with respect and love. It had a difficult life. Convince it that humans are self-destructive and will eventually destroy ourselves.the suffering scp foundation put on this form of living, perhaps scp is reaping what it sows.

  2. Now that I know 682 is basically trying to help save humanity from pain and agony i have found a new sence of respect for him. Also i just had a thought what if the foundation used a chemical to make everyone to weak to do anything and letting 682 kill them than after 682 did his thing and defeated is long time enemy he might be able to die since he no longer has a purpose


  4. Couldn’t they chop it into the 12000 pieces and feed it to the shadow figure piece by piece

  5. If you watched the scp 173 vs 682 you will find out that 173 is the thing that killed 682’s entire race. Let 173 at it

  6. So what if Scp 682 is one of the scarlet kings grandchildren and when scp 001 Day break happens he is on of the grandchildren that has to fight him which is why he is indestructible

  7. "Have it fight the queen of england,shes immortal too" me in 222 in october "ooohhhh that ones gotta suck"

  8. bruh don't kill him you can't so instead time loop or anti 682 stalemate is amazing any stalemate is good

  9. Just make friends with him. I'd give it a go I'd probably get eaten. 😂 but think of the possible if he could make friends. Love to have a cup of tea and a biscuit with him. Dose he like biscuits?

  10. Maybe not 682 related but I'd love to see some other cross tests in particular.
    SCP-049 and SCP-343, as well as the Gate Guardian and 343. Just think they'd be fascinating.

  11. This thing has only been killed twice AND ONE WAS CAUSED BY A JOKE SCP

  12. The Foundation: struggles to kill SCP-682

    That one guy: Bro just kill it…

  13. Perhaps 682 vs A Welt in the Crucible? Since the thing eats matter, and keeping it constantly feeding keeps it contained. Even if it doesn't kill either anomaly outright, it would likely keep both anomalies contained, since 682's regen would keep the thing constantly feeding while locking 682 in a recovery state.

  14. Alternately, leave 058 with 682 forever. They keep each other company forever

  15. 682 might be strong but can he beat goku ?????

  16. How about zero from dragon ball he can erase anything from existensr

  17. It's a game of chance, but take that "682 killing liquid" given from the coffee machine and put it in 914 with a request to make it "adaptable" 682 killing liquid…and a lot of it.

  18. what if you used that scp item that's a black hole? I forgot what it's called-

  19. "on the plush side he could have an egg beater as an arm and can give 5031 a run for best cook in contaiment" had me diying

  20. You know what… bring all the keter class anomalies to 682’s camber

  21. I think scp 682 would be mad at the scarlet king for making him feel so much pain and would try to kill him

  22. Maybe killing 682 isn't the solution. Maybe trapping it far from humanity is the answer

  23. The foundation:4 hours in not even a dent we only gave it more wepons and more resistance buffs

  24. If SCP-682 can adapt to anything, why does it not just develops a-sexual reproduction, to create more of itself. If there are more of it then it can kill many more.

  25. If SCP-682 can adapt to anything why does it not just develops a-sexual reproduction, to create more of itself. If there are more of it then it will be more dangerous
    Also, couldn’t you just send SCP-682 into space or onto Jupiter

  26. has eny one tryed to become firends with it

  27. would magcargo be able to kill 682 its at least 2 as hot as the sun

  28. My theory is that 682 and 053 when together will make What are the horsemen of the Apocalypse

  29. That story where SCP-173 multiplied and raised hell everywhere was probably the only time besides O, Death that one could say with confidence that SCP-682 actually died.

  30. Just… Jeep 173 and 682 forever in one room. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Done. "Staring contest of doom"
    If you can't destroy something dangerous, trap it forever.

  31. Couldn't you kill it by sending it into the alternate reality where death killed literally everything?

  32. everyone: saying stuff bc this is 4 hours long
    me: knows that if you put him in any videogame and push him into a death zone he will die

  33. use the nefing gun on the lizard. it’s to o.p.

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