SCP-682 - The Many Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile (Compilation) -

SCP-682 – The Many Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile (Compilation)

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SCP 682 is a KETER class anomaly also known as Hard to Destroy Reptile.

SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. SCP682 appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure.

This Compilation includes the following videos:

SCP-682 – Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile
Termination Attempts SCP-682 (SCP Animation)
How to Kill SCP-682 – Theories and Ideas (SCP Animation)
How to Actually Kill SCP-682 (SCP Animation)
Was SCP-682 Really That Hard to Kill After All?
Could SCP-682 be Contained in the Backrooms?
SCP-001 When Day Breaks SCP-682
SCP-682 VS Dr. Bright
SCP-682 VS SCP-076 – The Warrior and the Dragon
How SCP-682 Tried to Stop SCP-5000
SCP-682 – Craziest Mutations and Adaptations
SCP-018 – Can the Super Ball Defeat SCP-682?
SCP-682 Slaughters Through the Backrooms
SCP-682 VS SCP-096 – Rematch of the Century
Could SCP-001 Actually Slay SCP-682?
SCP-682 vs Lord Blackwood – The Thrilling Hunt

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SCP-682 – The Many Ways SCP Foundation Tried to Kill Hard To Destroy Reptile is based on “SCP-682” by Dr Gears

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  1. What if scp 682 or scp 106 was put in the red reality

  2. What if scp 682 was put in resident evil the game and movie

  3. What if we send it to a timeline/universe where it was managed to be destroyed without any side effects and destroy it there

  4. scp 682 is so overpowered that I downloaded a scp mod for minecraft, spawned 682 and then tried to kill it with a separate mod and then the game crashed.

  5. Ok I got some suggestions to deal with this beast. SCP – 682 has proven to counter any way to die. So maybe the foundation should focus on why the lizard can’t die. Explore reasons why. God had said it wasn’t his. So maybe look more into that. Who made SCP – 682? Once you find that out, track down this entity, learn about it and find a way to make them destroy their own creation. After all, if anyone can destroy it, it would be the creator itself.

    Looking at information about SCP – 682, he hates everything. Maybe that is the reason he can’t die. Like a trapped soul trying to fulfil its purpose before moving on. If so, the foundation should try to teach the beast how to love. It got a long fine with the girl, maybe she could teach it to love and move on. When the lizard met SCP – 001, it mentioned a curse. Maybe this is his curse. To not die. Maybe to learn to love is the way to cure the curse. Sounds quite corny, I know.

    If none of this work, then I would recommend trapping SCP – 682 but forever and to never test on it again. If anything, the most deaths are caused by the lizard lashing out in retaliation. takes up a lot of recourses but it's better than letting that thing roam free. Even if that doesn’t work, you could make a deal with SCP – 106 to keep the lizard in his pocket dimension in return for some D-Class every year or so.

    [[Seeing this beast’s existence is merely fiction too, you could introduce some character who has knowledge of the existence of the world being fiction, and the ability to destroy it. After all, all of this is fiction, maybe that’s its weakness.]]

  6. Why in 343's name didnt the foundation use 053 to contain the beast? Shoulda slapped them in the face

  7. 'it was scp-682 that had the monopoly on cruelty'
    Well obviously since monopolies of any kind are illegal, why don't they just get the bailiffs and government to just take away all its belongings and take the matter to court, stressing it so much that it would just die of sheer stress.
    You're welcome.

  8. What would happen if scp 999 broke into scp 096?

  9. Just make 682 live with 053! The girl loves it, it loves the girl, it becomes docile, and no longer poses a threat!

    If it no longer poses a threat, no more need to wrack your brains with how to kill it!

  10. saitama doesnt have powers so he would win

  11. I just had a thought… Hear me out on this. 682 is defined as “hard” to destroy, not “impossible”. Implying there’s a way. 999 was able to defeat 682 in an unconventional way, making him laugh himself into submission. And, 343 aka God, can’t even see 682. Yet, 682 knows who Uriel, the guardian of this universe’s Garden of Eden is. What if 682 is just an embodiment of human rage and anger? What if his weakness is forgiveness and unconditional love? If we could learn to forgive ourselves and each other, and accept our insecurities and learn to overcome them, could 682 be defeated?

    Just some food for thought, but I believe I’m onto something here.

  12. Why not teleport 682 into a during universe or at least world, one that’s already doomed like the when day breaks, even it doesn’t die it’s not your problem anymore and their aren’t any casualties technically, since they would all die anyways

  13. I figured out his name His name is Devon

  14. You can clearly get him damaged enough to become smaller than my brain, so damage him then throw him in 914, rough would down grade him in some way, it might not kill him, but it shouldn't make him less of a threat.

  15. I'd hate everything if they REPEATEDLY TRIED TO MURDER ME, too, and I just kept healing… only for them to try a different way. We ever going to get a video about what he did BEFORE he was in custody? If it exists, I can't seem to find it.

    God, halfway through this and I feel BAD for 682! The treatment of it is absolutely horrific.. Jeez. And as said, there ARE far worse out there, why don't they just.. focus more on those? And some of them even cause more death, more often.. so.. Why the giant target on his back? IS it because he can regenerate? Seems that way to me, with or without plot armor, so I'm with the lizard on this one. They're cruel.

    EDIT: Also, it's absolutely adorable that he likes chocolate that much.

  16. My brother in science, use a molecular desintegrator.

  17. God SCP-5000 Is just the best fucking SCP story, My question of "why the fuck are they so adamant about SCP-682 Must die" was a massive point of confusion ive had about the SCP-Foundation since it sounds more like GOC philosophy, but SCP-5000 explains it so well, its not Humanity that wants 682 dead, its "It" talking.

  18. Popeye with spinach would Definitely beat him

  19. For future ways to ‘deal’ with SCP-682- why is there nothing more related to 682 adapting something that improves its opinion of the human race- like having it simply speak to God for long enough in that weird ‘invisibility’ until he ‘adopts’ a more favorable opinion of the human race? (That likely wouldn’t be the thing to work- but hopefully it gets the idea across! )

  20. Maybe 682’s end goal is to kill all things, so just make a fake scene making it appear that all humans and living creatures have died, boom. He will believe that he achieved his goal so maybe he will just die.

  21. 173 would’ve been the perfect containment measure for 682 that reptile would’ve never took his eyes off of that statue

  22. okay but like, how about we just put it into orbit around somewhere comically far away, at worst it deorbits and falls into whatever we put it on, being trapped there, best case scenario its a time capsule that never gets reopened

  23. What happens if scp 682 was placed in scp 914 on rough setting

  24. Are we not gonna talk about how Clef just casually carries about plastic explosives?
    Or is this just par for the course with him?

  25. everyone focus on killing or containing it. why not just re open SCP 2539 and lunch the blasted lizard into it sealing scp 2539 back up afterwards. job done…

  26. Tell me I'm not the only one who laughed at 682's joke.

  27. Rare instance of me noticing a video not show up on my subscription feed.

  28. what you should do is put all the deadly scps that have been in a cross test with 682 and put them in one big cross test against 682 (with a potion that makes them all only agresve to 682 and let them kill 682 if they can not kill 682 accept your fate and let it kill you)

  29. Cut it up into little cubes and put them in True Solitary for 100,000 years

  30. honestly I feel like if they just made a vr killing game for scp-682 and Able problem would be solved

  31. 682’s actual name is Atanti-ql-Paneu, WRITE IT DOWN WRITE IT DOWN IN THE DEATH NOTE

  32. Take the Dalek Reality Bomb (which disconnects the electrochemical bonds holding matter together on a sub-molecular level causing matter to simply ‘fall apart’ to the quantum level) and focus its output exclusively on 682…

  33. You can make scp053 see scp096 fase than he will do the gabe

  34. if you hate death enough then death wont come for you

  35. put cactusman againsts scp 682 or put scp 999 and scp 053 in scp682s containment cell and see what happens

  36. No why you have to bring the old 049 model back

  37. I think I know how to kill it
    Send it to level unknown in the backrooms there is one entity that hugs people to death when he finds him the entity says he is your friend

  38. 096 could probably win if they used that 001 god weapon with the group of children while they were fighting

  39. Because you can't kill him he is a God and nobody can kill him nothing you do no one in the universe can destroy him

  40. Man leave SCP 682 in a volcano and keep the volcano sealed

  41. My son said use whole entire FNAF COMMUNITY,cause we know they can kick serious ass,and hopefully they can kill it.

  42. Why not just drop a giant cube of tungsten on scp 682

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