Shooting Thru 7,342,189 Walls in Roblox -

Shooting Thru 7,342,189 Walls in Roblox

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We shoot thru walls and spend robux in Roblox!

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  1. What time do you bring Pavion? Good humans blow up the millions of pieces.

  2. Atleast sigils won since he had the most when the timer ended.

  3. I literally have like 10 billion bullets and from 0 to a billion in like one second

  4. Day 4 of asking for you to play escape the backrooms update

  5. Hahaha 🤣 I have 11 rebirths and I'm not buying any pets for each world. I'm just saving up wins.

  6. i think we can all agree that the 20 min timer is a lie

  7. Why are there so much bots in the comment section

  8. You should play get heavy simulator in roblox

  9. Violet thinks this is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. oh now i know why he is always asking for likes

  11. ssundee u should play clicker fighting simulator

  12. when he says the serves dont work for rebirths he just has to turn auto rebirth off then it will work

  13. never challenge SSundee to a Roblox vid (u will get destroyed)

  14. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHSSUNDEE this is so hilarious you n the team rocking tthese games too cool m8.

  15. How much money do you spend?😂😂 I love your Channel❤

  16. Can you please do another thing related to insane craft?

  17. Game idea: every second you get 1+ jump

  18. How much roebucks do you have bro did you buy like 1 trillion Roblox gift cards?

  19. Ssundee:*plays roblox*
    His credit card:

  20. I mean by the rules of the challenge ssundee did actually loose

  21. Pre recorded he took his hands off when he was buying 5x luck

  22. The creator of the game be like: "nah bro am rich as heeell bro dont need help 😎💰

  23. Respect for the dude who counted how many walls he breaked

  24. troling, the other having an hour grinding, he spending to pass it in 10 minutes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Could you play dysfunctional diner please and who ever has the most money wins

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