SpaceX Starship changing development plans? New insights into SpaceX Hubble Rescue! -

SpaceX Starship changing development plans? New insights into SpaceX Hubble Rescue!

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SpaceX Starship changing plans, but what’s the new direction? NASA’s Crew 5 leaves for International Space Station! ULA launches last Atlas V 531 with SES 21 & 22! DART Asteroid Dimorphos develops a tail! New insights into SpaceX’s planned Crew Dragon Hubble rescue mission with Jared Isaacman.

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Editing: Stefanie Schlang
Photography: Kevin Randolph, aka Chief, John Winkopp & Stefanie Schlang

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Starship Updates
04:34 Crew 5 Launch Update
06:47 ULA Atlas V 531 SES20/21
08:09 Why still C-Band Satellites?
08:55 NASA DART Aftermath
09:20 How does a Comet’s tail form?
11:33 New Insights Into SpaceX’s & NASA’s Hubble Rescue Plans!
13:38 Bloopers!


  1. The "New" Star ships will come down like Falcons

  2. Speaking of loving French, it’s pronounced de CAY tur, with the emphasis on the second syllable. Just FYI. Your English is way better than my German.

  3. The fact you have to bring race and gender in to everything is ridiculous. Only clowns and racist have to do that.. on that note, I am out.

  4. im tellin ya man, i HIGHLY doubt that starship is going to get launched this year. i would almost bet money that the booster will get a legit test launch, before the whole shabang!!! i doubt this as well, but i would bet this happens this year, before a full launch to orbit.

  5. its a pipe dream and a half!!! but how cool would it be to get hubble into a closer orbit of the moon!!!!! we would finally be able to see some of the remnance of the 19070's moon landings!!! ! or would we???? MUAHAHAHAHA

  6. Starship 26 as a pathfinder build for lunar starship programme Lander & tanker configuration, makes sense to to me.

  7. I favour the lunar Starship. I’m not a fan of stainless steel clouds.

  8. Dragon capsule and Hubble telescope look great together.
    Not every astronaut could say “We attached the Space Telescope to our trunk 😁”

  9. What if the crew dragon module doesn't undock and leave but stays permanently attached as a replacement engine with another crew dragon coming to do the job? Maybe instead of attaching a crew dragon it would be a capsule designed for that purpose with bigger gas tanks that can be refilled.

  10. Plans, plans, plans… Are we ever going to see any action?

  11. Vielleicht einfach etwas weniger oft auf dem Abo patreon etc Scheiss rumreiten… nehmt euch ein Beispiel an zb itchy boots, EINE kurze Bitte um thumbs up etc am ENDE der Episoden und trotzdem 5-6 mal soviel Abonnenten wie ihr.
    Auch wenn es euch offensichtlich schwer fällt es zu glauben, wer YouTube schaut der WEISS WIE ABONNIEREN ETC GEHT – wir sind nicht komplett verblödet und zu penetrante Dauer-bitte-bitte Nummern haben bei mir eher den gegenteiligen Effekt, abmelden und lieber Scott Manley schauen

  12. about pez dispenser: i would add the option SpaceX does not have/expect regulatory approval either for Starlink V2 or satelite deployment during a first orbital atempt.
    about S26: first ship is gonna die. they might therefore want to test how the stainless steel handles reentry on its own an maybe to use hot gas thrusters to keep its flight belly first. but more likely its a propellent depot prototype. i believe they have to test orbital refilling soon™…

    thanks for the Update!

  13. Great stuff to hear about the use of Crew Dragon to save Hubble.

  14. Hooray! He pronounced Decatur correctly, unlike all those mistaken people in Alabama.

  15. when he says "spacers" I keep thinking he's referring to spacex workers or fans 1:32

  16. if the lunar starship doesn't have a heat shield, how does the crew return to earth?

  17. On the Starship side of things I'm wondering if Elon has said "look, we need to get this thing airborne. Let's just simplify things and get it up there and then we can isolate the tile issues in a real life launch situation rather than a clamped down simulated static fire situation to see if there's any difference in the loads through the ship".

    At least if he launches one, it's going to give them a lot more information and potentially tell them if they're on the right track or if they need to entirely change their approach.

  18. I'm pretty sure Dragon will dock with Hubble using the docking ports on the nose of Dragon not the bottom the he has it depicted, the problem is what to do with the nose that opens on a hinge.

  19. Don't comets often have two 'tails?': one influenced by solar wind and one indicating the comet track?

  20. The plan to use Crew Dragon to extend the life span of Hubble by definition means that Starship will not be available for a longer period of time.

  21. Ship 26: Launch pad emergency escape testing?

  22. I’m waiting for the press to announce that DART was a success followed by an announcement that OOPS the asteroid is now considered a planet killer on a trajectory with Earth.

  23. people may think its good that russia is sending a female cosmonaut to go up with a space x rocket, but in their eyes its actually a diss. they think woman are inferior at stuff like being in the military and flying or spaceflight…

  24. Sorry…
    … a bit off topic but:

    Elon‘s recent debut of a humanoid robot may be a key element in his plan to establish a viable human presence on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere.


    Robots may be absolutely aessential…

    … to establish human colonies on moon/mars.

    Robots that resemble humans are clearly adaptable to ‘handle’ any situation that might be encountered on a far off mission.

    After all, it took millions of years of natural selection to come up with ‘homo sapiens’, a life form superbly designed to being able to maneuver and manipulate random things as well as adapt to whatever situation it encounters.

    Humanoid robots would be able to accomplish tasks while facing an infinite variety of physical situations on Mars.

    For example:

    An unmanned Starship might land, uh, somewhat awkwardly…. or suffer a mild case of RUD.

    A cadre of human like robots can pick up the pieces, perform salvage work and, if necessary, even ‘Mac Gyver’ something useful.

    With remote human direction and some level of AI, a heck of a lot might be able to be accomplished without having to have any live persons on a Mars-base site.

    Humans actually being sent to Mars might only need to happen after a complete, though embryonic, base is built, including fuel production machinery, etc.

    A return vehicle might even be fueled and made ready for launch before the first people arrive on the surface of Mars.

    Stay Well…

  25. What about anti gravity spaceX is testing.

  26. SpaceX may be preparing for a change in heat shield type. IMHO they are not even thinking about discarding the idea of a renewable starship, but actual reentry data would be very useful for a next generation heat shield. I can see many engineers right now preferring a well-situated web of heat sensors to checking the current shield. I would think that launching with a Gen1 shield would supply a good deal of data even if recent simulations have shown that it will fail but I am not privy to what they are seeing now in the labs..

  27. Why bother with the weight of a crew and it’s life-support system to boost Hubble? Just dock some rocket with enough propellant to boost Hubble for the many years to come…

  28. Since when did Doctor Strange have a YouTube channel?

  29. De Kay tur Alabama. Not too far from me. Love your videos. You rock!

  30. Maybe they are working towards the fuel depot Elon has already discussed. It and the tankers will be needed for pretty much anything (except for my dreamed for replacement of Hubble. Imagine a nearly 30' mirror with it's own spacecraft 😁)

  31. ooh, russia is getting behing in the space arena, any chance there will be another space race?

  32. I have my doubts this thing will ever launch…

  33. Most Starships will be freighters. Fuel, cargo, parts can be sent up in the most simple ships, like cargo aircraft vs commercial. Making some as simple as possible but able to carry much larger loads at the cost of reusability could still be cost effective. Additionally they are going to need to launch ALOT of starships before it will be human capable because of the limited escape options. I really expect Lunar Starship crew to go to space on a dragon capsule and transfer, it would be safer. SpaceX is limiting itself by not building multiple different trunks for dragon to make up for early starship deployment. Its safe and its capabilities could easily be expanded. Or a shell like Starship that holds 6 falcon 9 second stages, modularly building a falcon 9 sized spacecraft that would have crazy Delta V.

  34. In orbit refueling proof of concept for ship26

  35. I heard someone say, Dragon's Draco engines were too powerful to re-boost the IIS. What if they put a docking module on the trunk and use the weaker set of 4?

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