SpaceX Starship changing development plans? New insights into SpaceX Hubble Rescue! -

SpaceX Starship changing development plans? New insights into SpaceX Hubble Rescue!

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SpaceX Starship changing plans, but what’s the new direction? NASA’s Crew 5 leaves for International Space Station! ULA launches last Atlas V 531 with SES 21 & 22! DART Asteroid Dimorphos develops a tail! New insights into SpaceX’s planned Crew Dragon Hubble rescue mission with Jared Isaacman.

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Editing: Stefanie Schlang
Photography: Kevin Randolph, aka Chief, John Winkopp & Stefanie Schlang

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Starship Updates
04:34 Crew 5 Launch Update
06:47 ULA Atlas V 531 SES20/21
08:09 Why still C-Band Satellites?
08:55 NASA DART Aftermath
09:20 How does a Comet’s tail form?
11:33 New Insights Into SpaceX’s & NASA’s Hubble Rescue Plans!
13:38 Bloopers!


  1. You seem to be coming up in the space-reporting community and gaining institutional recognition. Congratulations!

  2. Could the flapless starships be tank depots or fuel transfer test articles? They wouldn't need to return to earth, would they?

  3. Welding the door shut will increase the structural integrity.

  4. Just FYI, it's 'D-kay-tur' (Decatur) Alabama 🙂

  5. If starship is not reaching a full orbit, then why would anything be brought on board to be put in orbit

  6. It’s pronounced (De-cater) Alabama.

  7. I am from Alabama. Please check pronunciation of "DECATUR". Stress is on second syllable.

  8. I like your content but sometimes it feels like you're trying to make a word count.

    Do you really need to explain what a spacer does?

  9. I like your content but sometimes it feels like you're dumbing it down and trying to make a word count.
    Do we really need the explanation for what a spacer does?

  10. Any links to Truthfuls mock ups/animations?

  11. Everyone is indigenous. No one was downloaded from the Internet. We're all ancient or we would not be here.

  12. Great video. Thanks! FYI: Decatur, (ULA manufacture site in AL) basically rhymes with "Mercator".
    Modern IPA: dəkɛ́jtə
    Traditional IPA: dəˈkeɪtə
    3 syllables: "duh" + "KAY" + "tuh"

  13. The approach to Hubble is going to be terrifying.
    Also Decatur, AL is pronounced duh·kay·tr

  14. That Crew Dragon mission with Jared will be pretty interesting to watch. Stacking the capsule with Hubble will be fun to watch. But that's not the fun part. The fun part will be to start the Super Draco thrusters. It will raise the orbit at least by 10 times. Ladies and Gentleman, fasten your seatbelts. It's Showtime.

  15. For repairing and boosting Hubble, perhaps one mission dedicated to repairs and another mission dedicated to boosting Hubble.

  16. Artemis 3 lol Never gonna happen. They’ll still be fixing 1 and spending all the free cash the government throws at them.

  17. Ship 26 = lunar lander demonstration / prototype, for sure.
    Ship 24 cargo bay welded closed for structural reasons, to improve chances of first try working, my guess

  18. Doesn't lunar starship need refilling? Any strange prototypes right now are more likely related to the refilling operations rather than lunar landing, I would assume.

  19. It seems like this trunk connection system could also be used to boost the ISS using the Dragon 2's draco thrusters as well.

  20. Came up as First video when opened YT. Have clicked and watched so that the YT algorithm makes sure I have the same next time xd. Great Job Felix! And the Team.

  21. Hi Felix. Could Ship 26 be a fuel depot prototype?

  22. I know what they were doing with that nose cone! Did you notice when they rolled it back out how it looked more pointy?

  23. I think it's becoming increasingly likely that there'll be expendable Starships. It's virtually necessary in order to get Starlink v2 in orbit en masse, and soon. The constellation is the revenue source for Starship development.

  24. Good episode in terms of content! Bravo! On the downside, you mispronounced Decatur, and your French left something to be desired.

  25. Could Ship 26 be a prototype depot ship? If they have high confidence in 24/25 to get to orbit, why not prepare a ship to test long-duration orbital performance and maybe even a first generation of refilling hardware to try a refill test in the next 6 months?

  26. Grammatical error @1:07. "TO MUCH TESTING" should read, "TOO MUCH TESTING."

  27. first indigenous person in space? People sure love to label themselves

  28. Space Shuttle rehash. No quick turn around with that heat shield.

  29. decatur is pronouced Dee-Kay-Ter. nice try tho!

  30. @Felix… Love the videos! But since I'm from Alabama, I have to help you out. Duh-'Kay-Tur, emphasis on the Kay. Decatur – duh-'kay-tur… :). Keep up the great work!

  31. someting is wrong whth the spanish transleitor.

  32. So… How will lunar starship be refueled after it was put on the moon?

  33. “Very hot stuff, if you get what I mean.”
    Well, I’ve thought about it, Felix, and I believe that you are referring to the air friction.
    Let me know i if got what you meant.

  34. Propellant freighter? They have to get fuel up sometime

  35. @What About It?: Dee-Kay’-tur, not Deka-tur.

  36. Always still ”just around the corner. Sad.

  37. Mystery starship will be “gas” station in permanent sychro orbit

  38. That guy alert, it should be Too Much Testing Without Payload (not to much testing)
    English is weird like that.

  39. They have to be careful they don't knock the solar system out of balance with that Dart.

  40. Just a quick note on pronunciation, you pronounce Decatur at 7:00 into the video like Dee-KAY-ter. Emphasis on the middle syllable. It's an easy one to not realize how to say just by reading it.

  41. The starship can't even get of the pad without losing tiles. How is it supposed to survive re-entry?

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