SpaceX's Massive Updates for Flight 4 are Astounding! -

SpaceX’s Massive Updates for Flight 4 are Astounding!

Marcus House
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So, with the previous week being a little quieter than usual, it had that hallmark feeling of calm before the storm, and boy was that right. SpaceX are gearing up not just for Starship Flight Test 4, but also for the future flights. SpaceX’s Massive Updates for Flight 4 are Astounding! Why have SpaceX been doing the fastest tower arm tests even seen so far? Yes, they look to be preparing for a booster catch right now. Certainly SpaceX’s Biggest Challenge Yet! Could this Really Work? So much to dive into today. But outside Texas, there’s been an absolute flurry of activity and honestly it is one of those weeks where it was hard to figure out what to focus on at any given time. Sit back, relax and hold on. This is another massive one.

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  1. I hope those astronauts don't say anything bad about Boeing. We see what they do to those that snitch.

  2. Regardless of angle, I don't think the heat shields should be melting at all or get at least 20 or 30 missions.

  3. TadaaPrestoHello!!!
    im crying with joy over this in my life, thankyou All

  4. Hey Marcus. How about this. Pull and fasten the thermal blanket to the ship. Then cover that with a 0.025" tungsten sheet. If bonding works better and those fastener aren't working out. We should bond them and put that problem behind us.

  5. The chinese art of computer theft information has allowed china to reach for the stars alot sooner ,and with so many savy scientists able to assist ,really they will be no1 ,well done china keep up the good werk❤❤ respect 🎉🎉

  6. Ya know,
    Take your time
    No rush
    We’re all pulling for ya!
    If ya need the extra time take it
    Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day
    Ya never count yer money when yer sittin at the table
    Cut once,measure twice

  7. We were on Shetland a few weeks ago and drove past this Saxavord facility. Kept wondering how they were going to get a rocket up a single track road and on to this site.

  8. Henson Razor purchased. Something for me and something for you.
    Thanks Marcus.

  9. @9:29 that bloke picks up a big tile from what looks like a beach…albeit near a fence. Now, given this haul of these tiles, I am wondering if these areas are like, cleared of humans…cause if one of them there tiles is to fall on someone's noggin…well, it will be curtains…anyway, just a random thought.

  10. Gateway to Mars? Gateway to failure more like.

  11. How much of the 2.9 billion dollar contract has SpaceX blown, I mean literally?!
    They are nowhere close to their timetable and being human rated will never happen.

  12. How many of you realize one round trip will require at least a dozen launches just for refueling alone? 🙄
    NASA did it in one go 50 years ago!

  13. Anyone against Musks development of.superb Military capability is Anti American…including Presidents

  14. The plan was that this spring already flights to the moon start, but it’s the same as with Musks promise of self driving cars 😄 Space X is more Show than anything else…

  15. The dirt pile is for the wick drains, they are de-watering the ground where the tower will be so the dirt creates pressure to squeeze the water into the wick drains

  16. Lol, you confused me….is today saturday.

  17. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Whoops !


  19. arent those tiles still spacex property?

  20. Drake won if you can’t see that then you been a Drake hater from the beginning

  21. I can't imagine how much money Elon Musk is putting into Starbase, but it must be considerable, l'm sure, and good luck to him for that. I wonder if there is a detailed model of the completed construction. Elon was right about the Falcon missions becoming boring but still worth a look every now and then. It will look awesome. I can't wait for flight TEST four. Fabulous show, with lots of Intresing details. Slainte, Marcus & all concerned. 👍

  22. Solar sails are excellent for deep space and even interplanetary missions. You just need a laser to point their way to supply the photons

  23. Laser comms and cats. Larry Niven hit the nail on the head.

  24. If your fibre connection barely reaches 25Mbit/s, you need to switch providers… That is already pretty slow for copper lines

  25. Wow all around! With good luck, the pieces of Starship 4 will burn up in the wrong place, but farther than Starship3!

  26. Marcus Catherine helps protect the PAN from burning. On the scope, what if Mr. Musk wants to have technology? The outside of the starship. Where are the tiles? I could go? Tiles are to go and that would take some temperature away from the famous field. Also I have configured a message putting on the tiles without breaking them yet keeping enough tension on advance to keep them from from falling off

  27. Great, we get to see another Musk gross failure.

  28. Poor Marcus! If your fiber is only giving you 25 megabits per second upload speeds, that's a slow fiber. I'm getting 600 megabits per second on mine and it's not even the fastest available in my area

  29. Imagine the value adding to the local economy there

  30. This great starbase should be protected by an Iron Dome in order to ensure the safety of the base.the only hope of human to go to mars.

  31. Why don't they do a 200m launch of the booster and test the grab mechanism, why go into space? the speed could be simulated to be the final pre-landing velocity and weight?

  32. While Xi pigs spies telecasting this to chinese scientiests LOL frame by frame ….

  33. I'm really curious how ULA plans to fix the valve problem on Starliner's upper stage. I haven't seen any access hatches on the rocket. Are there some or do they cut it open, make the repair, and weld it closed again? Does anyone know?

  34. Pointless public funded rocket! Waste of time and money.

  35. Perlite dust is very toxic, none of those guys appeared to be wearing respirators. I guess they'll just be sacked if they get a lung disease.

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