SPARKS FLY When Bill Maher DISAGREES With 'The View' -

SPARKS FLY When Bill Maher DISAGREES With ‘The View’

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Bill Maher’s media tour continues, this time with an appearance with the liberal wine moms on “The View.”

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  1. Actually, Hitler was a socialist Democrat.

  2. I think the underlining message of Bill's joke about it used to be the Republicans who hated the jews was that now it's the left who hates them. He understands that even if he doesn't understand that Republicans never hated them.

  3. Democrats are now fighting with each other. This is great.

  4. Please please vote for Vladimir Putin and first and then vote for Vladimir Putin puppet of Trump

  5. That view is for Joe Biden and people should listen to them.they always 💙 tells you that truth
    Trump he should not be running for president he is a coward and crooked fraudulent man 👞 people vote him out our and send him to Russia where he belongs with Vladimir Putin

  6. wow, where to begin. firstly, we call you "nazis" because your supporters fly nazi flags, wear kkk hoods and chump posts ads with words like "united reich". Or maybe it's the obvious nepotism, outright lies, constant "rallies", and maybe the just general over all lack of integrity that chump and the republicans have. also, the nazis were never socialist. ffs

    this entire video is just "I'm rubber and your glue". It's straight up gaslighting

  7. The whole political arena is just a show. Remember – it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

  8. Thanks for interrupting a video with your stupidity and marginal delivery. Means a lot. We don't fucking care about your OPINION.

  9. 4:57 there's no S in Nazi 😂 Nazi stands for NAtional soZIalismus

  10. Joy is absolutely uninformed with the real person. I am super huge Trump supporter…..and for her to say I should have a swastika in my hat??? Really…. Joy….stop your shit.!!! You should quit your job. You know nothing!

  11. Does Sunny think that it was alright for Hamas to do what they did to Jewish women, horrendous things, what they did to babies, men, boys.

  12. Bill is the old libral and today he sticks to it, integrity …todays left/liberal, absolutely double talk and do not make sense with what "stand" for all driven by shows like the view and fake news. Its manipulation. Bill still makes sense as a liberal.

  13. I would not refer to bill as brilliant, not even close !!

  14. Behar just said Biden’s brain is great??? Compared to what? A cadavers?

  15. Obama is the one guilty of what they accuse Trump of. Obama is currently on his third term within a shadow govt under Biden the puppet. He is the one not leaving the office of president. This is all a cover for the 2020 steal. There are MANY people who made this possible, Not just Obama. By the way, Biden has never been in charge. The Easter Bunny has had more say so than him. I don't think Hillary would have been president either. 2016 was SUPPOSED to be Obama's third term but the unexpected Trump win delayed that. It's also possible they LET her lose because they knew she had too much ambition for herself.

  16. Woke is an experience of all people. It’s called experiencing the world around you. Learning and growing to from your own opinions.

  17. Yes. He spoke the truth. The Jews are at War.

  18. Hitler was nothing but a monster. America knew he was. How many years did it take us to go after REAL Nazis.

  19. What they show is that know no history. the spew is s national embarrassment.

  20. To be paid attention to you need to hate someone else, or at least be against

  21. It's a projection. Ive been telling you for years.

  22. Been messed up by both left/ right. Equal opportunity real victim.

  23. Capitalism run a muck unbridled is as bad as Commies/ Nazis.

  24. Genocide is Genocide is Genocide. She just posses another question.

  25. All these talk shows are just pandering to their base in order to get their side voted in. No one worth their weight in salt believes people on TV

  26. Palestine voted for Hamas 19 years ago. Yes, Palestine volunteered to be human shields. Historically speaking, Rome imported Palestine around 70 ad to destroy what was left of Israel after the destruction of the 2nd Temple.

  27. Why can't it be like it's supposed to be you vote for who you want I'll vote for who I want if you win you win but let's don't use political obstructions to keep our opponent from winning like bringing in millions of illegal immigrants and using dead people to win

  28. AIPAC considers conservatives antisemitic if they don’t want to give Israel unlimited aid. Example lots of money was spent against Republican candidate Thomas Massie but he still won. Candace Owen’s was accused of antisemitism by American Jewish organizations for not wanting to dole out foreign aid to Israel and other countries, and Tucker Carlson came under attack when he invited a Christian Palestinian minister on is program and questioning foreign aid.

  29. That's historical Bidens done a good job 😂😂 where?

  30. The left uses every tactic the nazis used when they were coming to power.

  31. I wonder whobthe idiot that hates Trump the most. I think it's Hillary.

  32. I wonder how Behar became such a hard core psuedo-commie. Why does she hate America. Is it just the NY public school system, or her father-hate.

  33. Does joy bayhar know that Ronald Reagan counted make America great again? Is RR then a nazi in her eyes? There's nothing on the view of value to American ppl.

  34. Can I meet him? Please
    I promise I won't fight or argue
    But I need to know to make things better

  35. Wolves & finance have been reporting on investigations of a lot of voter fraud in the 2020 election, check it out.

  36. Cmon dude. Nixon is on tape talking about "goddamn jews." So, if ANYTHING, that was one of the most famous conservatives who hated jews. Most of the time I hate Bill Maher, but he is capable of being funny and you lecturing him on what's funny is not the way you win arguments. Boomer conservatives do this a lot. They pretend not to get the joke. That's just as bad as their audience not laughing. Tucker pulls that shit a lot and it's just disingenuous. You can laugh at jokes like that. It's ok. We aren't going to ex-communicate you like the left does. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be explaining to your audience what funny is. That's up to them.

    Bill doesn't deserve any credit for acknowledging that the left is crazy now because he would always downplay it when people would say stuff like that on his show. Everyone needs to cut the shit and just be brutally honest. Bill is only brutally honest when it either serves him or he can get a laugh out of it.

  37. Yes,words migrate,and are adopted for other reasons,such as ‘Gay’ used to mean happy,now it means homosexual.i don’t hear anyone complaining about that.The Rainbow used to mean God’s promise to never flood the Earth.Now it’s adopted by the homosexual community.Anyone on the Right side of politics is always referred to as Far Right.

  38. Does Sunny(not her real name) have to scratch her head to get some sort of recognition from her brain waves? Actually, she’s hiding that she has to read her little script…reminds me of Biden.

  39. At least Bill attempted to educate these idiots about the Israeli war. Sunny didn’t say that these loss of lives were literally women and children were dismantled. Guessing Whoopi (real name is Karen), would have gone to commercial.

  40. The truth is Briben isn't going to want to give up power

  41. We are taking counsel from a man who says there is no God and the women of the View who support the State of Israel which is the home of Jews who Jesus called the children of Satan in John 8:44. Israel wars with their cousins the Arabs and claim to be the Chosen Ones of God who they are at war with in the Palestinians. Love thy neighbor as thyself does not fit into the profile of Bill Maher or the women of the View.

  42. ABC "news" is ( and "NBC, CBS nightly") are all propaganda

  43. they accuse conservatives of everything they ( themselves ) are doing….

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