Struck by LIGHTNING in the VOID?!? - Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 9 #20 -

Struck by LIGHTNING in the VOID?!? – Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 9 #20

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Let’s try to get struck by lightning in the void and die like no-one ever has before!!!! (I hope)

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Animation: Jack Allum
Music Composition: MusicMan1017
Graphics: HungryMaxzilla
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Season 9, Episode 20.
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  1. Advancement Idea

    Amigo Adventures
    Take a companion with you, whether that's a dog, cat or parrot, to every biome in order to get the adventuring time achievement…with a friend

  2. New suggestion: Fallout fallout
    Fall out of the world while afflicted with every DoT effect in the game, including but not limited to:
    Poison II
    Wither II
    Fire from lava
    Empty hunger bars
    Drowning without respiration

    You may have to bend the rules to get the drowning part to work…

  3. Honestly Rendog and his whole King thing ruined this season of Hermitcraft. So I prefer Zed’s videos cause he doesn’t seem to get involved with all that garbage. Zed should be king instead.

  4. You've got to do some more spying I love it.

  5. He had such a hard time getting the dolphin to hit him, meanwhile the dolphins in my world hate me

  6. I've actually gotten killed by a dolphin before on accident. Though there was a whole pod of them.

  7. There needs to be a special death message for that. My nomination- Zedaph was shocked to find himself riding a zombie pigman. Actually, they could create some neat mechanics…

    Pig hit by lightning while wearing a saddle- You can ride the zombie pigman piggieback.
    Pig hit by lightning while on a lead- You can lead the zombie pigman on a lead
    Pig hit by lightning while on a lead in the void- Gets 'charged' and gives off a redstone signal wherever it walks.
    Pig hit by lighting in the void, while you are riding it, with a membrane in your hand and elytra on… pigs finally fly (It turns into a flying hoglin, which can hold chests like donkeys/mules/llamas.)

    Man, I wish I could mod… that just gave me an idea for a mod where you could use the lightning rod to animate mobs. Bones for skellies, bones and zombie flesh for zombies… but they are under your control. Hit two different animals at one time and there is a chance one of them gets one of the properties of the others… pigs that can fly, horses that don't take fall damage or that scare off creepers, phantoms that act like parrots, cows that puff up like pufferfish, killer rabbits that give you mining fatigue, cats that show up at night if you haven't slept, whole packs of mobs that dance to music or when they slay a hoglin…

  8. A future zedvancement can be to collect every card beef makes

  9. Man I feel so depressed when I die frequently, and my family doesn't care, it's really heartbreaking.

  10. I died to a zombie.
    I saw my friends not care at all.
    I killed them.
    I went home, and booted up Minecraft.

  11. have a zedvancement where you break every block in game?

  12. Why not get killed by every Hermit? Sure it's easy, but please make each death unique.

  13. dolphins can kill I had to look at the wiki for that

  14. I honestly didn't know dolphins even attack you.

  15. Just saw a post on r/Minecraft by u/AgentX24 using a trident drowned shooting a trident through lava to hit a tnt and drop it onto villagers below and mass convert them all.

    I’m not sure how to turn it into a Zedvancement but it was super cool and thought you might like to give it a go.

  16. Did I know dolphins can kill??
    I literally forgot that dolphins existed in Minecraft.

  17. You can get a skellie trap horse to cause lightning in the nether.

  18. Views beware as there are phishers pretending to give out prizes by impersonating Hermits! They even use the Hermit logos. Do not give out your personal data.

  19. Someone on Xisumasays left a comment that your series' were very underrated. I just watched all of your hermitcraft episodes in the last 3 days and I can confirm they were correct. I love the creativity with the zedvancements. More people should sub!

  20. I have unfortunately been slain by a dolphin in my survival world, so yes I knew 😂

  21. If you had an office and put the heads on display, then it could be called your “Head Office”

  22. If you get killed by TNT right after a polar bear hits you, you will get the death message "blown up by polar bear"

  23. Months ago accidentally hit a dolphin, executed it because it was going to kill me. Was wondering if you'd do a dolphin, here we are now!

  24. I've fully killed a wither with just dolphins before. W episode

  25. wow I had no idea dolphins would bite back! haha

  26. I was in Joe's stream at the time of your De-termination. We all had a good laugh 😂

  27. Zed, you’re great, but my gosh you’re obsessed with butts, lol

  28. Zedaph should make a Zedvancement called something like "Nepatism" thats just get 3 Zedvancements in a single episode.

  29. we gonna not talk about how an amour stand killed him?

  30. Hey zedaph, im sure you get asked this sometimes, but could you explain how the bedrock breaking machine works?

  31. You’ve already done “having the maximum number of arrows in you at once”, but what if you tried being hit by that number of arrows in the shortest possible window of time? It would probably involve redirecting lots of them with water elevators & using armour & potions to make sure you don’t die.

  32. What do you think about get slain by 6 hermits zedvancement or sell art zedvancement or King Kong zedvancement (includes letting the king wear a monkey head) making own zedbucks zedvancement , get hit by lightning (or did you already do it) zedvancement (comedian), headache zedvancement (collect 100 of your own head) ,eyesee (stare 10 seconds in a hermits eye)

  33. I definitely did not know dolphins could kill you in minecraft. Even after you started trying, I was still skeptical that it was going to work 😂

  34. I knew because I accidentally hit one and died to a dolphin

  35. I always love when I'm watching another Hermit's stream or video and a Zedaph death message pops up in chat, they're always immediately like "Oh Zedaph is doing Zedaph things again."

  36. I like all the interactions with many different hermits this season

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