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Taking Flight | SteamPunk Craft Ep. 9

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We are playing the SteamPunk Minecraft modpack in which we must make more guns and upgrade the guns and use them to shoot the ender dragon.
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  1. Heyy! No game Audio for the first 4 minutes but nothing terribly exciting happened other then me going Brrrrr!

  2. Jardon forgot about the "no game audio until 4 minutes" pinned comment/description. Sadge

  3. Jadonanan, the game audio doesn’t work in the first 4 minutes jardonanananana. /s

  4. this episode was truly a treat we had some farms and yeeting and little snek bebbys

  5. "I think this may break the laws of physics" he says, while playing a game where spilling water can keep you from hurting yourself at the end of a 100m fall

  6. Make a depot for your encased fan setup, so you don’t have to take off your magnet ring. Because you can just right click the depot and your magnet ring won’t affect them.

  7. Like the video for baby noodles!!!! So freaking cute 🥰🥰

  8. idk about 3 hands but three legs would be cool

  9. That's because of the transparency of the expanding portal graphic of the tempad mod, right? If you made it not transparent, then shouldn't it play nice with the shader after? I know that the back-end on the graphical rendering side of things is way more complex, but the angle of approach here may be a little too perpendicular. Certain types of particles aren't impacted by the transparency, and render more opaque like smoke off a torch, or extras like falling leaves. Vanilla on the other hand has always had the 'invisible smoke particles when looked at toward some water' issue, so mileage in this direction may also vary. 🤔🤷

  10. 1Nixie sight  has red dots and has a good zoomCag loader is a GUN it's awesome Check out valkerion Skies it's a modTrains can go through portal

  11. "I wonder if I should make a backpack for Create stuff." TOOLBOXES are your friend also. Lots of the expensive backpack features built in.

  12. You can change their rotation direction with the wrench, no gearbox required.

  13. I am disappointed that I had 2 major issues with this modpack within the first 1hr of playing, I would to play it but my temperature would freeze me to death even in a desert during the day and a crash from a pillager with an multishot crossbow.

  14. Got the Feeder Games and the Potato Gamers and the Winners taken inside High and the Taking the Stuff with the Bright and the Crafting up Games

  15. Add carpet on top of the table to look like it has a cloth on it and make a candle and maybe a couple item frames with chicken and you'll have an amazing table.

  16. upgrade your diamond skin😀

  17. Anyone else wondering why he doesn’t just use the Obsidian Shield perk to negate fire/lava damage?

  18. one day he will use depots for his encased fans setup

  19. Create can do cactus farms. For tall crops( cactus, sugarcane, kelp, ect.) you place the harvester 1 higher then you would for regular crops (wheat, carrots, potatoes, ect.) so it leaves the base behind to regrow.
    the reason you get "tree dead zones" in your tree farm is the deplorer is placed in the location you want the deployer to act on, deployers have reach and saws do not so placing deployers in the same(mirrored) location as the saws doesn't align the trees with the saws.

  20. To restore broken audio push F3 + S at the same time

  21. Well now he have a reason to upgrade his fire/lava damage resistance skill

  22. Vague recollections of seeing something that reduces recoil – maybe a trinket or something like that?

  23. i love immersive aircraft! the biplane is especially fun, just wish there was a seaplane to land on water (i always see stuff under the ocean but there's nowhere within a thousand blocks to land…)

  24. You should try the last update of the zetacraft mod, you can literally pilot a giant robot and there are tons of weapons and mobs

  25. Anyone know what texture pack and or shader pack he’s using?

  26. As much as he HATES being set on fire, he NEVER gets fire protection. BRO!!

  27. I think he would really enjoy the gatling gun with it's cheap ammo and large capacity unenchanted it has 100 cap and with over capacity III it has 250 while also having as good as no recoil.

  28. Lethal company Lethal company Lethal company Lethal company Lethal company Lethal company lethal company Lethal company

  29. I’m pretty sure the stuff used to refill the soul lantern is harvested like glowberries

  30. Jordan, the HUOT has a bi-pod on the front. If you can figure out how to use that, I think you'd have a lot less recoil to worry about.

  31. A roof of glowstone 2 blocks above the farm, or, 4 lines of glowstone (possibly alternating with water) going under the potential arm stop locations would help raise the light level a Lot, reduce risk of accidental crop breaking, and, due to the higher light, would massively boost the growing speed. Not as much as the no same crop in the 3×3 set up, but that one is very unfriendly to autoplanters

  32. Cog loader is such a good gun for the mid game of this pack

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