Talking about the KSP 2 Shutdown with HarvesteR - the Creator of Kerbal Space Program! -

Talking about the KSP 2 Shutdown with HarvesteR – the Creator of Kerbal Space Program!

Matt Lowne
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I’m gonna guess you know what’s up with KSP 2 right now, in that, we have no idea what’s going on with KSP 2 right now – the entire studio has apparently been shut down, with multiple employees directly associated with KSP 2’s development announcing their departure from the company.

Really, it’s all guesswork right now, whole lot of smoke and mirrors, us YouTubers aren’t privy to any information that the public doesn’t know, so I don’t have anything meaningful to share.

One voice that I thought you guys might find interesting though is Felipe Falanghe’s, also known as HarvesteR, who is the creator of the original Kerbal Space Program, pitching the game to Squad back in 2011!

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old.

00:00 The KSP 2 Situation So Far
01:27 HarvesteR’s Origins
03:45 The Beginning of Kerbal Space Program
07:02 The ORIGINAL Kerbals
09:03 KSP: From Concept to Game
11:02 Were you really NEVER approached for KSP 2?
12:45 HarvesteR’s Theory about the Take 2 Acquisition
15:25 Why do you think KSP 2 has taken SO long to make?
20:20 What makes KSP so difficult to develop
25:15 Was using Unity for KSP 2 a mistake?
29:00 How HarvesteR found out about the KSP 2 shutdown
31:10 How does this situation make you feel?
32:48 HarvesteR’s idea for a KSP Sequel!
36:10 How would you have developed KSP 2?
40:07 If asked, would you work on KSP 2?
42:05 Is there anything Intercept did that you wouldn’t?
43:52 HarvesteR’s NEXT Space Game!
48:45 HarvesteR’s Newest Release
51:45 Closing Thoughts


  1. Does anyone know what mods are being used for the mun surface at 16:00? It looks so awesome.

  2. As a game developer myself, I resonate with what HarvesteR is saying about how big games become generic. It's absolutely a result of the team size. The more people involved in a decision, the more people you need to convince that your decision is the right one. So things like humour (which is deeply personal) often gets watered down or removed altogether because someone on the team "doesn't get it."

  3. It's a pain seeing a series you've held in such high esteem be torn apart by the corporate world. At this point it's happened so many times It's more the rule than the exception.
    Exceptional and lucky people will push out their brainchild into the public space, see it grow and change in unforseen and wonderful ways, and then be brutally and unapologetically stamped out by the people they entrust their creation's safety to.

  4. Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha, hA-HAHAHAHAHA-HAAAA-HAAAAA!!

  5. "I learned this… the hard way." Understatement speak for, "I fucked up bad."

  6. I hope he does make his next space game dream come true I would definitely be looking forward to it. 👍

  7. Also, bought Kithack. Looks like an awesome game, should be fun in all the ways KSP is before you get to the deeper parts of the game (where I fall off).

  8. Thanks for this Matt, I really can't understand how KSP2 wouldn't be delivered in the end aas it has such potential to be both a great game and make great money for whoever owns it! Can't wait to find out what's happening!

  9. Great video Matt. Felipe came across brilliantly and really enjoyed hearing his thoughts.

  10. 'You can't humanly manage more than 50 people'. My company has 200K people. I'm not saying it's perfectly managed, but the statement is flawed. It's all about proper structure and delegation. Having said that, I'm sure the number of people on the team is not the reason for the challenges KSP2 faces – especially given the success of the much smaller team on KSP1

  11. The games industry right now is just awesome! Gotta get those profit margins!

  12. So glad back in the day he stuck to his guns with realistic orbits. The realism and difficulty of orbital mechanics and all things rockets meshed with the goofy presentation made it approachable and so many people learned so much from his game.

  13. Next time you do a vid with HarvestR, WHAT IS THE MYSTERY GOO

  14. This is why you never buy a game in beta.
    Saw this coming when they decided to sell an unfinished ksp2 last year

  15. Damn now I wish the Kerbal Aviation timeline had happened

  16. Interesting how apparently none of the code of KSP1 was reused for KSP2 – in that regard they managed to recreate the physics system pretty accurately, especially also its quirkiness (wobbly rockets)

    I always thought they at least re-used the really low-level physics and orbit mechanics modules of the game, because it feels so similar in KSP2

    edit: maybe they did? did T2 purchase the source code as well when they purchased the IP?

  17. I've played KSP since Alpha build… I've watched it grow.. I've been in love with it from the very beginning.

    It's so incredibly sad to see KSP 2 die… But we will always have the masterpiece of the original.

    I will always love Kerbal Space Program. Thank you, HarvesteR and team.

  18. When I herd the limited news, I racted much like everyone else…. "WTAF!?"
    Then, I thought about it a little, and realized that this wasnt the 'end' of KSP2, but just a minor roadbump while knowledge was transferred.
    There is no way T2 would axe KSP2 and expect to walk away from that unscathed. Even non KSP players were aware of the KSP2 release. So for T2 to potentially 'axe' KSP2 would leave their studio reputation in the soupy mire Below the Dirt, never to be seen or trusted again. A PR nightmare of Univeral proportions.
    Its good to know that KSP2 is carrying on. For how long…. thats the biggest question!?.
    If I were a betting man, Id say that Colonization is going to be an Update, but Interstellar travel will be a Cashgrab… SORRY!! Didnt mean to use that word… I mean "DLC".

  19. Ah yes, KSP. The objectives are as follows.
    Get to space.
    Don't die. (Optional)

  20. typical pump and dump scheme. this industry is disgusting and ill never purchase an early access game again.

  21. so i paid 50$ for a game i cant play and it aint comming out, good

  22. I don’t get it. Didn’t he say he majored in game design in college?

    He speaks as if there’s not a giant well of knowledge on how to develop games. He is right about one thing, though. Only noobs could get KSP up and running.

    Current AAA development doesn’t know how to do anything “new.”

  23. I really hope KSP 2 gets somewhere close to what was promised. I was really hopeful for the sequel.

  24. 10:38 "The assumption was that it would be too complicated [to have full orbital mechanics]"

    …and it was too complicated: But that kind of complexity appeals to a reasonably large niche of gamers, which is why of Steam's 120,000,000 regular users some 3 million or so all jumped on it, and why something like CS:GO had over a million peak concurrent players whilst the wonderful and succesful KSP only managed 1-2% of that figure.

    The complexity and learning curve of KSP is a great example of antagonistic design, for me at least.

  25. FYI, I still play KSP 1 from time to time, I go in with an idea, toy around for an hour or two, then go on about my life. It is a great concept. Too bad KSP 2 was handled so poorly.

    Nobody wanted to go back to square one after what is possible in the first game.

  26. Take two, basically stealing the game from the original creators. made bad game and now abandoning it before even trying to fix it. seriously, fuck take two.

  27. i cried a little listening to felipe
    ive been playing og ksp since nerd3 did his free game friday
    im gonna keep playing it for a very long time probably too

  28. Its almost as if creating studio after studio, and forcing the devs to jump between them as you toss around the game like a game of hot potato, and then forcing them to work understaffed, and then release it before its ready… IS A BAD IDEA?

  29. Crusader Kings 2 -> CK3 managed to mostly do it.

  30. How can we show support for the Kerbal Flight Program game concept? I'd love to play that!

  31. Enjoy! Remember that we don't know anything about what's internally happening at Intercept/Take 2 Interactive. This video is purely speculative opinion, but it's the speculative opinions from a person who created Kerbal Space Program and therefore I felt was something worth sharing.

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