The 20 Something Death Cult -

The 20 Something Death Cult

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Labour Party Conference Abridged

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  1. He is just a nobody who will and does amount to nothing, a complete nobody loser, who the only way they can stand out is by defacing a memorial to someone who did matter, who did make a difference. Nothing more than that, bullet behind left ear material.

  2. “I thought I would make a bold statement by setting my self on fire. Why didn’t anyone tell me that it would HURT so much?”

  3. Please send all these leftists to Cheyna 😂🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏿💩🥊🥊🥊🥊

  4. So from age 4 till say 21, then for 17 years the have been indoctrinated and I notice it hasn't happen yet, nor does it look likely for the next 10,000 years!

  5. Why can't the relatives of these idiots sign committal papers and get them into treatment?

  6. Even some concrete has polymers made from oil. (eg:Self-leveling concretes)

  7. Most of them are upper class college students that knows whats best for us peasents.

  8. Makes perfect sense, attack a statue, not the airports, shows they have brains, as they would be arrested if they tried this anywhere else. In case it wasn't obvious, that is sarcasm.

  9. He's causing a lot of trouble for one idiot.
    He could be an agent provocateur.

  10. In 10 years a lot of these people are gonna be like "what the fuck did I waste all that part of my life marching and protesting for"

  11. I mean, can you blame anyone living in this modern world for being part of a so called death cult? What's there to live for?

  12. Oh no, a man rollerblading. A manmade horror beyond comprehension. He must hang for his treachery.

  13. The Left: You guys don't get it. You made her do this. You gave her no other choice!

  14. I've been on fire in an accident when I was 19, it's the most terrifying, panic inducing thing I've ever experienced. These people deserve exactly that experience, plus the pain of daily debridement of the burns and the incredible pain of the skin grafts they're undoubtably going to need.

  15. I want to take a steaming Dump on that Horrible Cnut who poured crap all over Toms Memorial ….

  16. They want to pour it on them, they should get their face stuffed into it until they eat it all. All of it. Turnabout is fair play.

  17. If only we could all be so young and wealthy to afford to spend all our free time protesting stuff..

  18. I would be more concerned if she DID enjoy it

  19. I would be more concerned if she DID enjoy it

  20. Perhaps we should facilitate the suicidal environmentalists with their goal.

  21. That'll fix it, make the planet hotter lol

  22. funny that dudes end all oil shirt was made by. you guessed it oil 😉

  23. Young people seem to need a struggle. Something to fight for. I think it's part of human nature. General labor isn't exciting enough as it's not sufficiently "sexy" and I suppose the perspective is there will be enough of that during middle age where as struggles are best waged in our youth when we have the energy and health for it.

  24. Hallam doesn’t realize that some nations have armed citizens who will extinct the marauders.

  25. If climate change isn't responsible for torture and rape, it's probably Putin's fault.

  26. They're a doomsday cult, nothing more nothing less.

  27. Look at his arms. There's more meat on a pidgeon.

  28. Good.
    If my enemies are stupid enough to set themselves on fire, why would I try to stop them?

  29. I hope that private jet child has to clean up that disgusting mess . She wants locking up.🙄

  30. I don't see any problem here. If a liberal want to abort himself it's a win win

  31. Get the piss filled supersoakers ready lads and return fire at will

  32. Nothing represents socialism more than the NHS. Also, Carl's not wrong about 12 monkeys.

  33. How are you guys able to see the dislikes on her youtube video???

  34. Wait… I remember 12 Monkeys to be about something different… might have to watch it again.

  35. Could you imagine if the roller blade guy was in drag and a minority…

  36. If anyone stupid enough to do any of this removes themselves from the gene pool, is it really a loss?

  37. 12 Monkeys has Brad Pitt's best character period

  38. she is going to prison and they will swill her with thier poo

  39. Aaaand now that poor brainwashed girl has set fire to herself. Remember when we used to keep the crazy ones in padded rooms? Good times.

  40. If you're worried about climate change affecting future generations, then maybe don't breed?

    The root cause of this issue is overpopulation. and needing to provide the necessary amenities to each person.

  41. Do not bolster the police too much, lest your opposition takes over and uses them as they see fit. When the covid lockdowns were happening local officers had no qualms about arresting local business owners, do not think even if you yourself hired them the same couldn't happen to you.

  42. Probly another lefties who would have refused conservatives treatment had she not dropped out, thank god that generation has no stamina

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