The 747 Space Shuttle Carrier Is In Trouble -

The 747 Space Shuttle Carrier Is In Trouble

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Today’s Video: The 747 Space Shuttle Carrier Is In Trouble


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  1. I remember when you uploaded experiment and Go Around's catchy song, and now everything has changed for better quality 🙂

  2. day 3 oh asking swiss001 to do a video on the a319 ceo

  3. I went to the houston space museum this month and saw it

  4. It’s so sad that they are getting rid of the 747, such an icon of the aviation world

  5. i feel like swiss flew to edward airforce base a lot in xplane but not in msfs. cool to see it on msfs!

  6. Another inconsistency. It was the prototype shuttle Enterprise that was carried by the 747 for glide tests. Not Endeavor.

  7. I play on the X56 game, sometimes, sometimes you, it's sooo cool and how can you open the engines because I don't know

  8. Went in a china airlines one from Auckland new Zealand to Brisbane Australia on CI54

  9. She was one of my my first planes I was on but me and my mum dont know it was a A350-900 or A330-300 or 747-400

  10. I actually don’t like the 747 that much. I think it is quite ugly, but I completely understand why it is so iconic and important and why everyone loves it.

  11. Imagine NASA replaces the 747-100 with the 747-8 as the space shuttle plane 😂😂

    Well it looks great though 🙂

  12. swiss: welcome back to swiss001
    auto generated captions: welcome back to buisness everyone

  13. I think the fact that MSFS used the 747-8 makes a difference. the 747-100 is much smaller, so I think it had better performance

  14. How about trying out Casablanca Airport?
    Approach is over the city and there are often some winds going on

  15. I have flown on the KLM 747-400 from amsterdam-Bangkok twice. You may rest in peace KLM 747-400

  16. Fun fact about my local airport: It's an emergency airport for space shuttles if they fail or crash! This is why it's around like 2000M.

  17. @Swiss001 you should go to space center Houston in Houston (obviously) since they have one of the 747s used for the space shuttle with the space shuttle on top of it

  18. I don’t really like the 747 in my opinion it is the worst plane ever created

  19. It's good that they just ripped the cabin out. It'll be heavy

  20. Edwards Air force base > Kennedy space center

  21. Wow. This Boeing 747{Shuttle carrier}is not a good plane for taking off at Le mall airport runway.

  22. But, I am impressed with the Boeing 747{shuttle carrier's} aircraft design.{look very nice with the space shuttle on the plane's roof}


  24. I cant find the link to the Website where you find all planes for free

  25. My grandfather, Vic Horton, was original primary flight engineer on the 747 Shuttle Carrier, starting with the Approach and Landing Tests with Enterprise in 1977. Somewhere, my folks have a photo of me sitting at his station in the cockpit one of the times they brought Enterprise into Vandenberg AFB to do a fit check on the ultimately never-used SLC-6 pad for military polar orbit flights.


  27. Looks like takin off from "Samedan" Switzerland. Best plane ever? I disagree… Its design had been changed many times while in its development. Other designs like the Phantom, SR-71/A-12 or XB-70 faced a lot more problems to be solved! And they did well later… The 747 was a milestone, sure. But the best aircraft ever? Nope…

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