The FIRST A220! · SWISS BUSINESS CLASS 🇬🇧 London City ✈ Zurich 🇨🇭 A Rocket Ship Launch! -

The FIRST A220! · SWISS BUSINESS CLASS 🇬🇧 London City ✈ Zurich 🇨🇭 A Rocket Ship Launch!

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Watch this video if you want to know what it’s like to fly in Business Class on a SWISS Airbus A220. SWISS is one of my favorite carriers simply for their consistency and this flight today from the very cool London City airport didn’t disappoint one bit! Have a watch for the full airport and in flight experience in this Business Class Trip Report and Review.

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Fare Paid: 60,000 LifeMiles Points + $371.35 USD (LCY-ZRH-EWR)
Class: Business
Inclusions: Seat Selections, 2 Carry On, 2x 32kg Baggage, Lounge Access

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↪ Video Chapters ↩
0:00 Welcome to London
00:35 London Airports
01:32 London City Airport, Check In
02:42 Airside Departures
03:38 Plane Spotting & Wandering
05:21 First EVER A220!
06:31 Our Gate
06:43 Boarding via Stairs
07:25 Cabin & Seat Impressions
08:56 U-Turn & Taxi
10:00 Rocket Ship Take Off
11:33 In Flight Service
13:16 Descent into Zurich
14:30 Taxi & Deplane
15:03 The Flip Flop Score

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  1. LCY is an extraordinary airport, based on its location, size, construction etc. A major bonus and draw for London and a real achievement and victim of its own incredible success. Currently the airport is being remodeled to allow for a larger departures lounge etc. My absolute choice of airport in London when traveling intra Europe. This airport is the envy of any major city as there is nothing like it.

  2. You must do an arrival and preferable with the famous ‘Canary Wharf’ approach …. Just amazing!

  3. Nice little hop skip and a jump over to the continent, will keep that airport in mind. Thanks for sharing 😊🎉

  4. I’m sure the flight attendants were thinking “oh crap, Kevin is on this flight…better not forget the safety video!” 🙃

  5. Really great to get an impression of LCY and your short-haul flight to Zurich Kevin. Thanks for this excellent report. Cheers from AKL, NZL.

  6. London City Airport is still quite small. I remember taking a 55 minute flight from Antwerp, stepping out of the plane, walking into the arrival hall, tripping over the carpet and fracturing my pubic bone. Fun times! After beging helped by the stewardesses and the pilot from the plane and some fire fighters and getting some oxygen, off i went to Eastham Hospital where I spent almost a week yapping in pain and enjoying their Indian meals (most of the patients were Indian, thankfully) until an ambulance took me back under the Channel to good old Belgium. A PR from the airport visited me in the hospital a day after the accident, carrying a huge basket full of chocolates, sweets, fruit and books. That wouldn't have happened at Heathrow I'm sure 😉

  7. Great video. Absolutely love LCY airport, one of my favourite airports.

  8. Thank you, as always, for the great video! Just an FYI from a Swiss guy, rösti is pronounced rushty (kind of) 😉 You nailed Tête de Moine, by the way! Best travel channel out there BY FAR! You're the man! Salute 🫡

  9. Great video, there is another one Southend but with very limited EZJ flights to leisure destinations

  10. Nice. Now I must go there. Love the view from the lounge.

  11. Thanks for this vlog. The take-off is like at John Wayne airport in California. Awesome. Thank you.

  12. Hi Kevin. Many, many years ago, possibly even before you were born😅 planes always spooled up with their brakes on. Thanks for another great review

  13. In 2 weeks again! Geneva – Copenhagen Swiss A220

  14. A fun trip could be bll to lcy on a fairchild dornier 328jet

  15. Admire the dedication of arriving 2.5 hours early at London City Airport. I've arrived 40 minutes before departure before and I still had time to get a coffee.

  16. 3 of my favorite things right here – Aircraft, Zurich Airport & Tête de Moine. It's the trifecta of travel, it doesn't get any better than this people! ✈🧀😋

  17. Used LCY when it first opened on a regular basis when it was just Paris and Brussels. You could arrive 25 mins before your flight, check in and be on the plane.
    Those days it was turboprop only. Interesting approach! As a regular traveller one night flight back from Brussels got to do the flight in the jump seat on a British Midland Dash 8 acting for Sabena. Amazing approach to LCY on a clear April night. How you put a plane down on such a short runway is incredible.
    In those days collect your luggage , clear customs and immigration and be in your car in 20mins!!!!
    For me quickest way to get to Paris and Brussels from where I lived in SE London. This was pre Channel Tunnel. Only problem was we usually ended up on a remote bus stand at Paris and Brussels. Always took ages!!!!

  18. Loved the video good to your experience out of LCY.

  19. I reckon you just might be the geekiest of the numerous AvGeeks whom I follow. I also reckon you would wear that as a badge if honor.

    I ALWAYS enjoy your videos – thanks

  20. Fun fact, LCY is not the only one of London's airports that are actually in London. Heathrow is in the London Borough of Hillingdon, so is within the official definition of Greater London's 32 boroughs. City Airport is in the London Borough of Newham.

  21. Taking off from LCY is now on my bucket list.

  22. Loved the background information of the logistics at LCY. Very interesting! Great aircraft and service, short haul flying can still be enjoyable 🙏🏼 Thank you for the review 💎

  23. Great video- I love going through LCY and it is indeed like some temporary demountable city – always a great ride too out of there

  24. fun fact: the elevation of ZRH is 432m AMSL. (I just thought of that haha) I remember some of your previous videos included airport elevation, and if you've ever considered adding it back I think it's may (or may not) be quite cool for your analytical viewers to find interesting!

  25. You can't beat London City for convenience, in contrast to the pain in the ass it takes to get to Heathrow or Gatwick. A shame its limited to regional flights to Europe only.

  26. I'd like to experience rocket launch too 😂😂 . Thanks Kevin for a quality review as always.

  27. I wouldn't bother with Business Class from LCY, in the absence of a lounge and decent facilities at the airport it makes the price expensive unless you are the member of some loyalty program redeeming miles etc. Flying into LCY would be a different matter, it's great for getting into Central and other parts of London much quicker than from LHR/LGW. Switzerland is on my list of places to go in the next few years, thanks for the video.

  28. Great video. Just a small detail, it was runway 27 at takeoff, not 09.

  29. I'm so glad they've done away with the security-theater liquid restrictions!
    That said, on my last flight, the stewardess asked for my drink order. I said I'll have a "Molotov cocktail"
    The pilot returned to the airport. Fml smh.
    You know what to do Kevv 👇

  30. Cute little airport. Reminds me of an Australian regional airport like Ballina-Byron (BNK).

  31. Another great video! I haven't flown SWISS yet, however, it looks like their the soft product seemed fine for business class. The chocolate at the end is a nice touch! On the other hand, the aircraft interior looks quite old and outdated especially with all the marks and stains that have been acquired through the years. 

    I hope to fly via LCY soon, it's only 30 mins away from me and I constantly see planes lining up to land. The airport looks pretty straightforward too.

  32. Great review Kevin. I jumped forward your videos, I'm working from oldest and am currently just after India ! So nice to see you keep tweeking the format with the scores and what all.

    I'd still leave the FlipFlop score card to the end though with some thoughts … keep the score secret to the end….

    Well done for bagging that first Bombardier !

    If you ever go to Gibraltar and walk across the runway from your hotel then I will raid my very small piggy bank for a thanks for you. It's a strange place, like 1980s UK or Isle of Man but with monkeys !

  33. Great video thx. I flew Air Baltics A220 this week from Zurich ..a very nice plane to fly in.👍

  34. Thanks, very interesting, but you headed for the east side of the airport and took off to the west. I've only used LCY once to NCE on a BA Embraer, great Club World English breakfast and excellent seats.

  35. Welcome to my hood. I live in Stratford and can go from my bedroom to the plane in an hour. Returning can be walking in the door 30 mins after landing. I was lucky to do the Club World London City to JFK pre Covid which was amazing…

  36. LYC is on my list now, never heard of it (embarrassingly). The observation deck at ZRH is fantastic with speakers connected to the ATC, spacious BC lounge, and the airport hotel (Raddison blu). Cheers.

  37. Even a lottery winner would not have such a wonderful life as Kevo – this is what dreams are made of well done mate

  38. In 2024 Airbus is World leader by far. Do you remember this: New York Times 11 April 1969 « Britain Abandons the European Airbus Project; Believes Building the Plane Is a Losing Proposition. » British 'wisdom'..😂😂

    Then France asked Germany if they wanted to continue the A300 project, and signed an agreement 50-50 at 1969 Paris Air Show.

  39. London is an incredible city. The population is around 10 million. It can be it’s own separate country. London has 3 major airports and a London city airport, where you can reach anywhere in the British isles and Europe within an hour by private jet.

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