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Today, we would get our selves into some serious action between us and a group we knew far to well, and in the end they would use everything they had to try and take us out…

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  1. i'm not a rust player but i apreciate professionalism when i see it, gj. here's a thought. why not have a base near the mlrs thingy stacked with rockets and whenever you get raided you can use 24/36 mlrs rockets on their fob 😂?

  2. damn, clans farm for days and play 24/7 and then end up shooting from the raid base, kinda boring

  3. Should be revising and editing my beginning of year exam but you know this is better should I do it or watch more of his vids?

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  5. This is a legit question, if anyone wants to answer it does rust not have recoil. (I could have sworn it did) if so how is he combating it so well, I'm probably wrong guessing rust does have recoil but yeah. I wanna know how he gets Very little gun kickback

  6. I love when they say “ omg there’s so many “ as they are running around as a 6/7 stack Lmfao the irony

  7. I dont know how you stay calm with 40+ people shooting at you im still learning to pvp (barely 200hrs) Nice video man

  8. As much as i normally do enjoy your videos you seriosuly skipped a beat with this one…. What 600 rocket defence? ….. You skipped the content, this becomes click bait. We want to see progression, the ups and downs, maybe what you don't consider content,… This felt very rushed and lacking in context,… Better luck next time my good man YOU seriously do have much to offer in this community 🙂

  9. get revenge and greif their base to emptiness and despawn everything yoiu can't carry back

  10. Love the pot armor pvp ppl get so mad when you use items in the game lol

  11. 1 pizza 1 Coca Cola and your video veryyy nice days <3

  12. The radar in a sub only detects moon pools and running subs. Not people fyi

  13. good vid mate! bit of a shame you didnt put that box of rockets to use on a raid of your own, kudos to the Koreans for taking a shot

  14. Taunted your sooo good man it’s so insane

  15. Let's goo, new vid. You inspire me so much to make content

  16. It was a great offensive and defensive battle. Thanks for posting the video. You are a great Clan. Keep up the good work. From Japanese fans.👋

  17. When tac hits 29 out of 30 shots and says oh I'm wiffing I just died inside knowing I would only hit ten shots

  18. The aggression to keep pushing into their raid base. Omg. Insane video.

  19. Can you make your hud a little bit bigger? A bit more viewer friendly. Loved the video<3

  20. Taunted you are amazing man and ur Quality of your videos looks amazing

  21. In the defence why didnt u shoot incent into their shooting floors

  22. Bro your a really good player…i mean really,really,really good player…❤️💪

  23. Bro waiting for them to get set up outside and then pounding them is peak dominance

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