The Most FUN Dead By Daylight Update! -

The Most FUN Dead By Daylight Update!

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The Most FUN Dead By Daylight Update!

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  1. Only JRM gets a killer that actually falls for a mimic on a generator…

  2. Awww, Claudette’s smile isn’t creepy like a lot of other survivors’!

  3. BROO I LOVE THE MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND BEGINNING FROM round about 2:50. Its soooooo goooood

  4. Finally! A new, fresh, and fun update in Dbd

  5. Hang on the illusion is meant ot deactivate once used, how were you able to place them down multiple times?

  6. that poor last Vecna is going to leave every time he gets that new map as killer now

  7. imagine this bard thing will get a unwritten rule on vecna when u are in a no way out scenario :'C

  8. I don't know what it was in this video specifically, but James' laugh was super contagious to me. Such good vibes, it's always a blast to watch.

  9. "oh sh*t. OH SH*T!!"
    James literally said "oh sh*t" in 2 different tones

  10. on 9:04 why did the flashlight stun not save you ? it happened to me in game i was flabergasted

  11. What if you use Deception and make Vecna believe that you teleported

  12. Heyo, the music around 13:20 is Bowser's Jr's Fort from Super Mario Galaxy 2, for anyone wondering. Just had an epic nostlagia moment and searched it for 2 hours lmao
    Great vid btw uwu

  13. Realtalk, i would rage the shit out of my panties, if someone would hole me and then play some guitar.

    but i wouldnt rage if someone would play me a nice song, when mori a survivor xD

  14. 9:01 the fart noise with failed flashlight attempts will always be funny lol

  15. I feel like every time I got a 20 on my lute roll I never got to use it. I'm happy to see you're also sharing in my suffering

  16. I was doing a lot to not spoil myself on this update but I caved in. I'm so happy people are enjoying this.

  17. Im crying idky all edits are eating me up more in this particular video 😭😭😭😭

  18. Vecna would be so much better if they removed the slow down on all of his spells

  19. Seems fun when playing survivor, meanwhile killer…

  20. Ya'know what would be a fun little easter egg, if Kate played Country and Jeff played Metal with them pulling out the guitar emote.

  21. the despacito clip got me so offguard i let out such a big involuntary shout of laughter

  22. vecna being able to remove your pallet covrage is crazy btw pallet coverage is when your loopinng and your coverd if the killer catches up to you because you have a pallet that makes you able to continue looping

  23. what is the music that starts around 8:40 from?? It's killing me that I can't figure it out xD

  24. James, can we please get your playlist with music you use in videos 🙏🙏🙏

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