The Passengers Who Were Tragically Made Into Food -

The Passengers Who Were Tragically Made Into Food

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The last of the food ran out days ago.
But the barren landscape that sprawls out as far as the eye can see offers nothing but rock, ice, and snow.
You and the other survivors are slowly wasting away.
Your bodies have already begun to digest their own muscles.
And soon, one by one, you’ll each be reduced to just another frozen body in the snow.
So you are left with two choices…
Do the unthinkable.
Or die.

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  1. How am I supposed to subscribe when I’m already subscribed?

  2. I read a book about them. it was harrowing

  3. Weird topic to cover since they made a movie about it that was also on netflix not too long ago

  4. Man!
    That was rough!
    But if you are gonna survive you have todo what you gotta do.🫤

  5. That was a good movie " Alive " Based on the plane crash in the video

  6. Meanwhile I imagine one of them goes back just to tell the dead they thought they were delicious.

  7. I literally watched society of the snow like 4 days ago 😭

  8. Just a slight feedback: The Strauch Cousins ( Fito Strauch, Daniel Fernandez and Eduardo Strauch) were the leaders but they were not the ones to go to the tail, those were Nando, Roberto and Antonio. Fito was going to go as well but got hemorrhoids. Also the one who threw the letter was Nando, not Roberto, as Roberto was sick from the already rotting meat ( that’s why in the letter it said “I have an injured friend above”) and Roberto was resting below a tree further upstream

  9. How did the bottle of wines not break during the impact?

  10. Moral of the story: Nature is brutal and doesn't care.

  11. The survival skills that they displayed within the first 7 minutes is honestly pretty impressive. Bless them ❤

  12. The show "Yellowjackets" was inspired from this story, it's worth a watch although all fiction and a little bit of mystery.
    When I watched the show I found out about Andes survivors and it blew my mind, those poor people, but it's amazing what hardships can a human overcome to survive.

  13. I don't think eating human meat is forsakening humanity.
    It's all about the reason why you do it and what is your attitude towards bodies of perished people.

  14. "In the most dire circumstances the need for survival makes you realize that life can dish out the most bitter choices"

  15. They did not eat the corpses because they were hungry, they ate them because of desperation and necessity.

  16. This story is both amazing and terrifying

  17. go watch the movie about this ALIVE which was made about 20 years ago

  18. If I were in that situation… I would not survive. I remember this tragic accident. I recall there was some people who chose not to eat human flesh to survive like the others did. And they did not survive, dead due to starvation or the cold.

  19. Where does it say in the bible you can't eat dead bodies?

  20. Had to pause this video and go watch the movie. It was a great movie. Ty,! The horse and note thing wasn't even in it, which was a shame. But guess they ran out of time. Human meat wouldn't be the first thing on my menu…but it would probably be before seat cushions of a plane though. I can't even imagine trying to eat that. It would be like eating plastic. Horrible.

  21. i was wondering when you made a episode from the movie Alive, seen that when i was a wee tiny human

  22. I feel like i could easily eat another person if i needed to. Not sure about the insides like liver.

  23. Should have started walking as soon as they realized no one was searching

  24. I'm sure not one of those rescuers who stayed overnight with the rest of the survivors got one wink of sleep.

  25. when did they decided to go cannibalism route? before or after their friends died. but priest gave them permission. so think it's ok

  26. Ancient Humans are Cannibals tho so you know

  27. They never give up on life they still keep trying to save their lives

    Never give up

  28. Amazing story never fails to amaze me. This story can give the worlds un luckiest man a run for the greatest survival story of all times

  29. "Alive"?? (Movie from 1993 based on real life event. I think it was a published as a book first though)

  30. Wonderful retelling! Also love seeing little Bean in the background

  31. this is so crazy to me. i get cold in 70° weather, i feel like i would’ve given up and died after the first few nights. these people are incredible! their will to live is amazing

  32. do the bhola cyclone its an insane thing that not many people know about.

  33. Homer Simpson be like “you are ga…”

  34. I miss your old style! Nice video nevertheless-

  35. Of course I loved the video Brew! Thank you so much for this story.

  36. the fact that i just watched cooking companions and wehen i saw the intro the flashbacks came flooding in

  37. how could someone be appalled by cannibalism for survival? i would rest so much easier if i had died and my body was able to sustain someone’s life.

  38. I seen that movie…🤔
    It's titled Alive.👌👍

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