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Off of their self titled debut album out now, the song FLY OR DIE honors the epic battle and savage attack on Pearl Harbor one of the most important days in American history. This video was shot in Ramona California with a fully operational WW2 fighter plane. The album can be purchased online at


  1. i love it . we should NEVER forget our allied hero's of WW2 true hero's every one .

  2. Tres grandes cantantes cantando musica de verdad osea musica para hombres

  3. LOVE IT!! Rest in peace to our fallen of 07 December 1941 and WWII. Lest we forget!

  4. Awesome. Added to the Ever Metal YouTube and May Spotify playlists!

  5. gotta love it, aces high aces high, it is all very fascinating

  6. There’s obviously fake news amongst the main stream music news people. The fact The Three Tremors doesn’t have millions of views on all there music videos is perplexing! Pay to play with Google and YouTube maybe?

  7. The elite of screamers united in one band. Just awesome! Such a great inspiration for the own music. Amazing! m/ m/

  8. Pure metal and fascinating vocals, great job!

  9. I just saw these Vocal Gods last nite at the CrowBar in Tampa .Fl it was sick.It was killer.Wade Black. Song on Painkiller .It was the 4 tremors..Don't miss The Three Tremors.These guys are a must see show.METAL LIVES

  10. Like some great old school 80's underground shit right here.

  11. Three heavy voices together. Good deal!!

  12. Great vid, amazing band, cool channel👍❤️🎸🔥🍻

  13. The Three Tremors know how to deliver the goods! They KICKS ASS at each and every one of his live shows! Their Steel Cartel-backed Music Videos are ALL Top Notch and of MTV Broadcast Quality. They are currently ON TOUR KICKING ASS in every city they play!!!! 'Nuff said!
    ^v^Mix Master Devious^v^

  14. Another Excellent Three Tremors A+ Music Video. Solid Gold

  15. Steel love the Three Tremors, Three years later, Three heroes of the void in this pathetic musical era, glorious

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