The Truth about Flight MH370: Decoding a Decade of Deception | Redacted with Clayton Morris -

The Truth about Flight MH370: Decoding a Decade of Deception | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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What really happened to Malaysian Airlines fight MH370?

10 years ago… Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to its intended destination in Beijing. But It never arrived and neither did the 227 passengers and 12 crew members whose family members have been in anguish ever since. What happened to their loved ones? Who’s covering up the real story?

10 years have now passed and we finally might have some leads as to what caused this disappearance. Ashton Forbes has in many ways devoted his life to figuring out what happened here and we decided to invite Ashton on to talk about some of this new evidence.

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  1. Could this be how a third of the atmosphere burns in revelations?

  2. They don't talk about it anymore…but there's a lot things they don't talk about anymore… (Maui fires, the Las Vegas mass shooting, …ect…

  3. My question is, since they only had 2 of the SBIRS satellites in orbit at the time, was that enough to move one of the 2 SBIRS satellites to have it in position to get the images taken from above?

  4. It was stolen by the military by remote control the oxygen was shut off to terminate the passengers crew and flown to military base period! I said this day one

  5. America is now in full control by the New World Order AKA new world communism. We are by far now the most evil country in the world.

  6. America is 30 years ahead of China Russia in UFO technology.

  7. So to where were the passengers disappeared?

  8. You’re starting to lose me by saying that there’s life on other planets. They’re just is not life on other planets and there’s absolutely zero proof that there’s life on other planets. There is no way we could’ve reversed engineered this technology because we can’t time travel and they’re an alien beings trying to travel to earth.

  9. No one doubts the pings were real, the experts are saying you can't geolocate off that single source.

  10. Yes. Field McConnell spoke about taking control of the plane remotely and landing it on Diego Garcia. They tried to scilence him about talking about this. Poor man.😢

  11. It's all a " act " . They no exactly where that jet is. . More than just the air ports watch EVERY JET ALL THE TIME. Even back then. It is a civil defense thing.

  12. Ashton is def onto a lot. The evidence is all over his Twitter page.

  13. Lol the plane may be hard to fake, but not the orbs.

  14. Very interesting and very scary for humanity. It’s mind blowing Godless actions.

  15. WOW….still trying to wrap my head around this!!!!

  16. Our goverment will go to whatever lengths necessary, even taking innocent lives in the name of “national security” and protecting their evil interests.

  17. If this technology is alien, then why would such advanced aliens be crashing ships All the time.
    Hard to believe they would still lose craft and not self destruct or something to keep us from getting it 🤔

  18. This has been shown to have used stock footage though

  19. Diego Garcia? Please speak more on what this place is and what they do… could it be there?

  20. With all the wars that the US has instigated in the past few years, I've suspected there must be some new weapon they're just itching to show off; it's the thing that keeps me up at night. But never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine it could be a wormhole.

  21. If you want the real truth the answer lays with several passages who where on that plane and a technology patent they jointly held between them. A prototype was listed as electrical goods on the manifest. The flight was due to land in China, now think who wanted that technology and not let it go to China. Also once the plane vanished and the patent owners were declared dead who did the patents transfer too?? Certain investors that’s who …….

  22. Can't stop thinking about the conversation around "darkness" in the final part of the interview. Can anybody point to any source for those claims that this type of tech may be being used for such dark purposes as human trafficking? I found that absolutely wild.

  23. Outstanding interview. Clayton, you and Natalie, and Ashton of course, need to watch your backs.
    We fight not against principalities but against the rulers of darkness in this world.

  24. If a "conspiracy theory" involves the US government, you can safely assume its true

  25. Looks like the orbs created a gravity-space warp which could explain the plane's s rapid movement.
    Looks a bit like laserlight drive.
    We know about the instant fade away of carbon in close proximity of an H BOMB explosion . Looks like the plane flashed itself out of terrestrial air space. Dragged by its tail towards its ultimate manifestation. Are there any more videos as to the plane's landing beyond the warp?🌈👽🚠🚡🛸🌐🌀Lets please not bring our primitive demonic nor religious mythology into quantum mechanics. Whether or not HUMANS developed this techno or ate simply being groomed into it I don't know.. 🤔😘👽❤🛸

  26. Flight MH370 was shot down between Malaysia and Vietnam, it had cargo on board that the US did not want to arrive in China!

  27. I thought 5 months ago they found the exact cloud picture the plane was flying through? The guy who took the cloud picture was called Jonas something.

  28. We should all know by now our government will lie and cover up as easily as they breathe.

  29. 👍 governments like to gaslight. Thanks for sharing. I followed this and agree it's fishy. Big kids playground is far beyond what our little minds are allowed to see. If you do your own research on how things work, your little mind starts to see the big game. 🤔 We should be open minded and not ever think we could really know anything. We know what we are told. Not what we actually know. 😉

  30. it's not dark, think more light and let there be light

  31. So, are the people that were on board underground living or are they gone. Someone said they are alive advancing their game. I'm curious is all.

  32. I’m subscribed and have notifications, I never get notifications from this channel.

  33. Just a thought. MH370 missing in March 2014, first Ukraine War going on, MH17 gets shot down by Pro Russian forces in July 2014…..

  34. Danny jones ripped into this bloke and was so rude to him…

  35. Did he say the 777 fire suppression uses passenger oxygen?? 🤔

  36. It was mentioned that this new technology could save lives. Given that so much of our lives since the 1960's has been 'Chasing Star Trek' (primarily its technology), it would be remiss not to mention Season 3, Episode 16 (production #72) "The Mark of Gideon", to see the result of no disease, no pollution, no death. Seeing everything from this show having come to fruition over the past few decades it's curious where such prescient screen writers have gone.

  37. People In Mizoram Saw A Airplane Flying Towards North in 2014 sunday i forgot the day that they say on youtube.
    I think it is real because they say it was white and red.

  38. The power hour morning show had a guest who said that it was kidnapped to a USA air base..

  39. Props to Redacted for having Ashton on your show and covering this story. Joe Rogan invited him, then cancelled at the last minute, and brushed the story off. Maybe Spotify or CIA didn't want the info getting out. Who knows 🤷‍♂️

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