They Added VECNA To Dead by Daylight! -

They Added VECNA To Dead by Daylight!

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They Added VECNA To Dead by Daylight!
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Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Bro was humping the dead body 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Prob. one of the best chapters in a while, both sides look so fun to play and the map is amazing!

  3. Devs missed the opportunity to add a different morí for each different spell 😩

  4. Do you think they will ever add the Batman?

  5. that mori is definitely going to be changed for the chinese version

  6. That mori was a Mortal Kombat fatality if I've ever seen one

  7. Can someone explain gen rushing as dirty? Isnt the main point of playing survivor is to escapw the map alive and evade the killer?

  8. you have to do a new vault speed myer build with the new vecna perk

  9. i lost it when the survivor started playing the guitar during the mori 😭😭😭

  10. His mori is, it would seem, "Vecna starts trying."

  11. Mage hand is like one of the most useless spells in dnd. Its in Vecna's kit

  12. The Beholder jumpscare teaser makes a lot more sense now lol

  13. Vecna using a spell as trivial a mage hand is hilarious hahaha

  14. I think what sold me on this DLC is that Matthew Mercer voiced the killer.

  15. this killer is looking so fun to play

  16. Not a single YouTuber understands that magic items 😂

  17. 6:29 the knight on the right has purple eyes 👀 that activated by Vecna sphere that is crazy easter egg.

  18. Love that you call your shark “that guy”

  19. Surge and Boil Over will go nuts on this new map.

  20. Does pc get new characters before console? New to dbd an just got on but these arent on my xbox yet

  21. This, and the Castlevania teaser…

    I hope they do a Final Fantasy chapter soon.

  22. The trick with Mage Hand is to use it the moment they drop the pallet so you lift it right back up and step through for the hit. So powerful when used that way!

  23. The smile of the survivors when they play the lute is so cursed. Gives me the creeps

  24. love that his weapon is his 5e melee weapon. A little magic dagger called Afterthought

  25. 10:12 same reaction as james. confusion then humping. how can they not invoke each other's names in their vids, they're practically twins

  26. why is everything they do to stay alive and escape , toxic? LOL

  27. it takes 6 months of consistent discipline to redevelop sleeping habits I let drugs and college destroy mine lol discipline has changed my life. things I’ve been doing overtime are cold room, heavy blanket, go to bed same time, no screen time, natural foods to help release of melatonin, view sunlight, exercise and avoid sugar before bed. I also take jacko goodnight sleep supplement sometimes.

  28. Stopped playing end of 2020 but always played a game of the new ptbs everyone, comments and YouTubers, see him closer to weak than strong ……… But I'm decimating my mindset must sync with his intended style of play he's super OP he's going to be nerfed. If he isn't I'm coming back from retirement after 3 years until they nerf him which they need tp🎉🎉

  29. Sadly it is only for steam users. I don't have it on console yet.

  30. Plz unban me plz 🙏 from Ur twitch


  32. Can’t wait for ayrun new survivor perk video!

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