They made this kit free.. You can literally fly (Roblox Bedwars) -

They made this kit free.. You can literally fly (Roblox Bedwars)

cKev 2
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Good kit (sometimes) ngl

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  1. 300 views in 10 mins, bro fell off lol

  2. Nerdy hammer nerdy sheild we part of the nerdy ckev community yay (I’m joking around ok)

  3. It was funny watching Ckev playing my main kit lol, if someone wants to read some tips for this week, (yes im nerd)

    -The ability its mainly used for rushing beds or plating, in some cases escaping, because it only does 30 damage without armor penetration LOL
    -You can speed up the charge if you take damage holding the shield, this includes melee damage, so its very effective at modes with high mounts of people at a team
    -Having the shield gives a passive perk, of taking 10% less damage, so practically at early game you have a slightly advantage with people with wood or stone sword, without counting the notable perks of being inmune to proyectiles, (not all), and also holding the shield makes you take 50% less damage, so you can survive more easily

  4. 0:28 🤓actually in season 7 it was reworked🤓🤓🤓🤣🤓

  5. Onc I was in ckev lobby but my friend joined a game

  6. Bro doesn’t realise the 6 kits of the week glitch

  7. HOW ARE U LVL 27 AND BETTER THAN ME (im lvl 46)

  8. Ckev is the funniest bedwars YouTuber of course

  9. Can you actually do a video about cyber kit

  10. U can do it in third person also

  11. ckev you use yhe kit wrong that abilty is use to attack people

  12. ckev lemme ask a question are u mean to actual😂

  13. Bro how you having 7 free kits 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I got pain on roblox bad words for nothing

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