Three Cyborg Reapers Destroyed Boss ( -

Three Cyborg Reapers Destroyed Boss (

Blue Sky
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This is a ( Game Play Video… Enjoy
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  1. nice video c:
    my progress so far in the game:

    Level: 12

    Total experience: 34289633 EXP

    Playtime: 2669 minutes

    Daily quests done: 25

    Gems found in the game: 50

    Killed boss count: 3

    Account creation date: 06.03.2022

  2. Б я не был на твоих видео, потому что я в школу ходил. Все

  3. I love sky bs i wait for your every video love you

  4. what memories when with my group of friends I killed the boss that was until this day a record of mine. which will be the server that the next video will play :VVVV

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