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Thunder Show: BOMB SHAKE

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We’re making the show together with you, our players!
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This episode is all about achieving victory by any means available. Let’s get started!

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  1. I hope my clip makes it one day … Is there a minimum battle ranking required?

  2. @WarThunder why i can't join the game it say a error message why? And now i cant complete the quest for tanks because I cannot join wow now i need to buy this quest to get 10 of 10 completed questions now its useless. How you cand make it again good thank you for this😡.

  3. I never understood the basement guy joke. I just appreciate the good content he makes.

  4. I will deploy my best R3 to swoop in and save basement guy. They won’t detect it if it is traveling at Mach Jesus!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  5. Q: What is the most accurate missie in war thunder?

  6. Day 15 of demanding a choice of 2 free premium vehicles of players choice when they log into war thunder before 2024

  7. "Skyler, can you make the bombs do the shaker? Eeerrr… Skyler? You're ok?"

  8. Come on lads. We have to storm the gaijin building to give basement guy his Mac and cheese tonight

  9. Can you suggest the tactics for leopard 1 witch now is 8.0 and enemy tanks are much more advanced (I personally think 7.3 was great br for leopard)

  10. There is no Easter bunny, There is no Tooth Fairy and there is no basement guy

  11. will we have volumetric smoke like in CS2? it would be so cool to see the smoke sticking to passing tanks, and dispersing when shot or bombed

  12. Q do the aircraft get lighter if he is out of ammo?

  13. The basement is like skill issue, it exists but gaijin denies it

  14. Someone said the bomb kill on my f82 short was thundershow worthy but idk

  15. devs and mods POS game lies to players, rigged, nerf accounts when not pay to gaijin, invisible enemies, ghost shells, invisible planes kill u, dont pay, play 4 free

  16. Bro shattered his entire spine carrying that hard

  17. Bro how tf does your team throw so hard that you get 25 kills and still lose the match

  18. Basement Guy, we will get you out of there someday.

  19. am i the only one who is watching this on like 16 fps or what is going on?


  21. Almighty Snail, i noticed that in the American test flight map 2 C-47s are parked on the runway. would it be able to fly/ obtain these planes too for use outside of matches? or is there an option to just pay for one and use it in a pilotage only or something? They are way to beautifull to just never get used and just sit there. i don't mind trading in some premiums or something for one of those beauties.

  22. I've never seen such a combination of a formal compilation and adressing freeing the basement guy.

  23. İ love watchinh thunder show in between sets. Gotta stay in shape while enjoying the thunder

  24. 18 times asking for a normal l3/33 premium with a flamfrower

  25. Gaijin is gaslighting us about the basement guy. for all we know, there could be two basement guys

  26. Will you guys ever bring back best comments?

  27. There's no basement, there's no basement guy, and nothing happened in 1989 on Tiananmen Square.

  28. Q: Why is it that Mirages 2000C-S5 and 2000-5F are only able to carry 4 air-to-air missiles whilst in real-life they were able to carry 6?

  29. what's the chance of having triple game modes in one match naval/ air/ tanks in one big match. Note: Some maps do have the ability to host these theoretical games.

  30. Q: Hungary sub tree for italy? Bring back and rework the two already existing hungarian tanks

  31. 0:30
    enemy: easy kill
    player: flares
    enemy: idiot i'm right be hide him
    palyer: shut up and blow up

  32. I remember my first lucky shot. I started playing war thunder a long time ago, I played with T-28. At one point I saw an arrow indicating that someone was behind the house. Now, I was relatively new at the game and I joust shot in the general direction of the arrow above the house aimlessly. And guess what, I managed to shoot a puma! Unfortunately, I didn't save the video because I didn't even know it was possible at the time.

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