Tigers vs. Guardians Game 2 Highlights (8/18/23) | MLB Highlights - bouncylandapp.com

Tigers vs. Guardians Game 2 Highlights (8/18/23) | MLB Highlights

Cleveland Guardians
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Tigers vs. Guardians full game highlights from 8/18/23


  1. AJ Hunch cost his team another win,by screwing around with his bullpen,this b. S. Lefty on Lefty,he should be fired,brings Lefty on to pitch to Lefty with tigers leading 1 nothing walks him

  2. Was at the game energy in the eighth was a huge spike

  3. Kole Calhoun is playing very well so far – might want to keep him in the lineup!

  4. @0:44 Spencer Turnbull?
    Announcers these days talk too much, study too little! lol

  5. Guards SP Xzavion Curry pretty good through 6, too bad that he received no run support and finished the game with a ND.

    Thankfully, someone from the Guardians came through with the clutch hit, Will Brennan's GW double…. when it looked like a back to back loss for Cleveland. 🤔 Kudos to Classe on picking up his 100th career Save. 😃👍

  6. The same problem with high balls here in the UK when the setting sun interferes with fielders at cricket, added to this also is the floodlights which spills light rather than illuminates.

  7. If the Guardians are to have any chance of winning the division, they must beat the Tigers tomorrow and Sunday to win the series 3-1.

  8. Outdoor Adventures With Austin Miller says:

    Good win for the Guardians now let's take the other two games against the tigers and at least get a couple of games within.500

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