Tool Assisted Trombone - Fly Or Die -

Tool Assisted Trombone – Fly Or Die

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Arrangement based on original sheet music by Gilles Rocha, a real performance can be found at
Custom chart and backing track created by me with the help of these mods:
Midi2TromboneChamp and TrombLoader by NyxTheShield:
TrombLoaderBackgroundProject by legoandmars:
AutoToot by TomDotBat:
Light switch SFX
Clapping SFX:
Custom charts and more on the Trombone Champ Modding Discord:
#trombonechamp #flyordie #gillesrocha #autotoot


  1. I will never forgive the creator of this for compromising when ranges got really high or low because if you have heard the original it completely throws you off

  2. What's wild is this is ACTUALLY a piece for Bass Trombone which is wildly impressive to watch as well.

  3. That Citizen Kane reference…

    We've done it.
    Trombone Champ mods are undeniably a true art form

  4. the ending is the definition of I am still mad but also impressed.

  5. I need to mod my copy of trombone champ. And my hands and fingers and general sense of rhythm

  6. Why is it that every time someone in your charts is angry, it's Jermajesty?

  7. I'd like to see someone make the Shia LaBeouf song in Trombone Champ

  8. Real awful suggestion: The Most Unwanted Music in Trombone Champ. It's like, 24 minutes long.

  9. osu players will still call this easy
    it's a really impressive track though

  10. really cool to see original trombone work being added to the list! also really clever to just use midi versions of the original sheet music to keep everything exact! gj!

  11. You are such an artist. It's an honour to admire your work!

  12. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the guy stand up and clap for the tromboner, I guess he learned that Trombone is not that bad of an instrument

  13. Man will never forgive the tromboner for stealing his part in "Don't Stop Believing", but this could be the start of what turns them from rivals to friends.

  14. as a bass trombonist, i can say this makes me happy

  15. love how the guitar guy's had an entire character arc through these

  16. Please do the Diva Dance Opera Song from the Fifth Element. It would be amazing in trombone champ

  17. ohh, do the Bag Raiders Shooting Stars now

  18. I want to say the Guitarist from "Don't Stop Believin'" is holding these auditions to make sure that he doesn't get upstaged ever again.

  19. I feel like tool assisted is gonna be a necessity on this one

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